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End of Days and the Walking Dead

Christian Living | Posted by Eddy Damas
Sep 13 2017

I’m totally blown away by dates….never followed them at all. When I was in the cult system they were under the impression that their days were numbered…meaning any moment now. They basically closed their doors to any outsiders, and just waited it out. The days came and went…and nothing happened.

I’m sorry to throw a wrench into the theological end days systematic outlook, but I fully believe that each of us has his/her own end day. The “rapture” happens every single day, hundreds if not thousands perhaps meet Jesus “in the sky” every day.  

These same people, these Christians, have been through trials and tribulations. We know this because the Bible tells us that every Christian will go through them. It’s simply a fact that not all of us will go through the same exact trials and tribulations. Although I must admit, the trials are always of faith, and the tribulations are always ongoing and consistent.

Death happens every day and night, it knows no boundaries.

Yes, there are even the walking dead among us. Their lives have turned meaningless and they truly have no souls. Why? I don’t know…perhaps a lack of faith, or a denial of God’s existence. 

Just my thoughts today.

Please keep praying for the Hurricane Survivors in the East Coast, and always remember if you are nearby and able, everyone of those souls needs a light of hope!

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