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Be Healed – By Suffering!

Christian Living, Discouragement, Encouragement | Posted by Eddy Damas
Feb 08 2017

One of the things I am struck with while reading the accounts of the Lord healing people in the Bible and by the casting out of demons, is the absence of any suffering going on while being healed. I believe I am not the only one who knows that healing is a process that starts with torture. None of us are healed overnight, none of us are healed instantly either. When we take aspirin for a headache, the headache lingers on for a while before the aspirin does it’s job. When we break a leg, the leg is broken for a few months until it heals. While the headache subsides and the leg heals, there continues to be pain. In the case of the broken leg there is the pain of the fracture itself, then there is the pain of healing, then the pain of strengthening while you learn to walk again.

In life we will go through various stages of suffering. It can be mental or physical, it can even be emotional. All require time to heal. You can never walk away unscathed from a relationship breakup anymore than you can walk away from the death of a loved one. Both take time to get over with.

If being healed instantly was entirely possible, we would be mindless robots and not flesh and blood.

Suffering teaches us a lot, or at least it’s supposed to. It teaches us to be humble. It teaches us not to look down on others who suffer (whatever type of suffering that is…) I know that I am watching my brothers suffering through a lot…I watch them as they work two jobs, doing what they can just to keep the house and family afloat. Or even work one job, with a lot of time off in between. I listen to the breakup of a family.

Right at the moment I am going through some major stuff in my body. There is the sleep apnea, obesity, my left knee and hand are experiencing moments of pain…probably either arthritis or gout. I notice my left index finger has moments of being stuck…normally I would think it’s due to my age…but who knows what is going on. My back is also hurting. God only knows what is next….

But I am becoming instinctively aware of things others are going through. Not that there’s much I can do to help them…that requires intervention from a God that is bigger than I am, and able to provide all the help that I can’t give. I mean I can’t actually cure such things as emphysema or alcoholism, cancer is out of my league for sure. I can’t touch neurosis…and unfortunately I don’t have the answer to homelessness and starvation. (Actually I do have that answer,   but no one would either listen or act on it).

All of what I have written are long term are relatively long term. Even a headache, a rather short term malady, can be long term depending on the state of the one who is going through it. But we can learn a lot through suffering, through our own, or through others….  

He wants you to suffer, not prosper!

Christian Living, Encouragement, Rememberance | Posted by Eddy Damas
Mar 26 2016

I once took a yoga class.


My main, ok…my only reason for doing so was to hang out with some friends.

Did you know that a whale shouldn’t do yoga?

I mean, it just doesn’t look right. It doesn’t feel natural.

It’s kind of performing a somersault in gym class in school. It just went wrong.

I have a hard time accepting other’s people’s religions. While everybody seems to be on the same page, a lot of time there’s a bit of difference. It’s not much, but it effectively tells you “I’m not going to do that again.”

Since Jesus walked among us there has  been talk of who He was, and what He was doing, and what He was sent to do.  Jesus, in His rather peaceful, but bloody mission, broke all the molds of what people thought He would be. I don’t know why it was that people expected Him to be a conquering King. I’ve seen the results of war overseas (and on the dirt of our country) in my young life, and it’s never pretty. Women raped, children beaten, houses burned….And Christianity has, indeed been one of the most bloody religions ever to exist.

Did Jesus come to stop all this? Many would say yes. And they may be right. But before we receive any kind of blessing, there has to be bloodshed. The blood may be real, or it may be spiritual. But the Christian must suffer. The suffering may be separation of family, death, poverty, and even down to a total and ultimate reliance on God!

Thankfully, I haven’t been to that last part in my life. Not yet… Physically and to a point, needfully, God has blessed me. I may be low on what is inside my cupboards. But I eat every day. I have a roof over my head, and clothes on my back. I may not have a lot of money, but I make it through day to day just fine.

Here’s the deal: there are many people heading to church to hear the good news of the Gospel. These people are either in a rough place, or they are suffering. But someone has given them the idea, or they have had the idea, that God is a provider of wealth, and that God is going to deliver them from so and so.

That was never God’s plan! God’s plan was to reconcile the lost to Himself. God wanted His children in total communion with Him. He wanted, and wants to close the great divide that was and is caused by sin.

That’s the rich, prosperous life right there.

It’s not about lessening the pain, the suffering, the poverty that life has given us. We WILL have hardship in this life. It’s not going to be a smooth ride. (Just ask any parent who worries about their children!)  If it were then the image of Jesus carrying the cross through the streets of His Holy city is a false representation of what the future holds for the Christian.



But the end of that suffering…is every bit worth it.

I STRONGLY suggest that if you are a God loving Christian, and you are in a church that teaches nothing but blessings, that you pick up the Bible and read it in it’s entirety. Not just the nice parts, but all the parts that your Pastor doesn’t cover. I also suggest that you watch movies about the Passion of Christ (Yes, watch Mel Gibson’s the Passion of Christ!) And just remember:  God never said it would be easy.

But yeah, it will be worth it!

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