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The Action Figure

Christian Living, Encouragement | Posted by Eddy Damas
Jan 27 2017

Gideon- It doesn’t matter the size of the army or enemy coming against you when God is fighting your battle for you.

Imagine if you were in a large group of angry people, or even a large group of non-angry people.
There is the phrase that says there is strength in numbers.
And it’s true: A lot of people can get a whole heck of a lot done.
But God never saw it that way. He often used one man or a woman to get things either rolling, or get something extraordinary done.
Moses, Deborah, Elijah, Gideon, Peter, Jesus.. the list is long.

While it’s true that the Christian (or even a non-Christian) shouldn’t work alone, it’s not unusual.

Sometimes a single person can spark a fire, or a movement, or even a cure.

You alone can feed a hungry person.
You alone can shelter a homeless person.
You alone can bring PEACE to a troubled soul.

Whatever you do to start a fire, there is always going to be someone else who comes along and adds fuel to the fire.

Sure, sometimes you will have someone come along with a bucket of water.

But if you are persistent, if you endure, if you persevere… and do it all over again, you will be noticed. And you will carry your reward with you.

It’s not easy. You have to humble yourself. You have to go out of your territory, out of your skin, out of normal.

Sometimes you just even gotta go crazy and do things you normally wouldn’t do.

You might pass that homeless man on the street, and do a U-turn, and give him something…anything at all.
To both you and him, it may not be anything. But to eyes everywhere, it will be everything.

All it takes is a willingness to step forward and take action.


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