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Last Night in Las Vegas

Uncategorized | Posted by Eddy Damas
Oct 16 2017

I originally wrote this the night after the attack, but for some reason it didn’t get published!

No, I am not leaving Las Vegas. I wish I were. But many have already heard about the tragic loss of 58 lives (I’m sure the number will rise) along with the many who have been physically and most likely mentally hurt. Thankfully no one in my family, or closest friends were hurt.

I always thought that an act of terrorism here would be the equivalent of a nuclear blast, perhaps a bomb in a resort full to capacity. Actually after I thought that, I reasoned that Las Vegas would be a prime spot for international terrorists to meet at and possibly plan their attacks on the rest of the country.

But as it turned out, our night of terror consisted of a local man, with plans of mass destruction.

Last night also reminded me of one thing: Many Christians, including the traveling evangelists, label Las Vegas as Sin City, Sodom and Gomorrah. While tent revivals go on in other parts of the country, Las Vegas is shunned because of it’s affiliation with a lot of sin: gambling, prostitution, drugs…

If there was ever a town who needed an evangelistic movement, it would be Las Vegas, Nevada!

Yet God sent two angels to save one lone man and his family, because the man found favor in God’s eyes. That tells me something: God will allow evil to exist for a while, but there are enough Godly men and women, children too, in Las Vegas so that God won’t be lead to destroy this city. If this city is destroyed, it will be only by way of man’s hand, not God’s hands!

Sadly, the old saying “What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas” is altogether true. Except for last night. Perhaps last night was an open door for evangelists to travel to a city that needs it the most.

Yes, it rained fire down on Las Vegas last night. Lives were lost, and people were seriously wounded. But Las Vegas still stands!

So God is still not done with Las Vegas, but God has definitely started that’s for sure!


I Live in Sin Nation, Not Sin City!

Christian Living, Encouragement, judging | Posted by Eddy Damas
Apr 19 2016

When I used to work the Technical Support lines at EarthLink Internet I occasionally got the consumer question of where I was located. I always answered the truth: “I live in Las Vegas.” That was always met by the usual response: “Oh Sin City!”

As I wondered about that possible pronoun, I wonder how many people realize the truth: Las Vegas may be named Sin City, and to a certain truth it is. We’ve got drugs, alcohol, strip bars, prostitutes, and many other things going on in my city. We’ve also got our fair share of violence…much of it bloody.

So why the name? Can the same thing not be said of other cities throughout the nation?
The question comes to mind as I watch TV episodes of COPS. While they feature Las Vegas on that show, they also feature places such as Houston, Texas, and even Miami, Florida. The one common theme I see throughout these cities are all similar to what goes on in Las Vegas.

It’s a sad reality that no matter where you live, and where you go, sin surrounds us. It’s in every cranny and nook of our nation. From the White House, down to the Highways and Byways. Some of it you see plain as day, and some you can’t see at all.

Some say that there is a major earthquake coming to Los Angeles (the City of Angels), San Francisco, and the rest of California. It will effectively wipe that state, as well as much of the West Coast from the map. They have been saying that since the last great earthquake, 6.7 on the Richter scale (1994). The one before it, on October 17, 1989 was a magnitude 7.1.

The Bible mentions earthquakes and pestilences that have either occurred, or are coming. It really depends on your point of view. Since the New Testament was written a very long time ago, said earthquakes and pestilences have already come to pass. We know from reading the history within the pages of the Bible that millions of people have perished due to the power of God acting on the world.

Sure, I see sin everywhere I look in Las Vegas. But I see a different kind of sin that no one else sees. That sin is called apathy. But it’s also called debauchery, fornication, idolatry, adultery, effeminate, abusers, thieves, coveters, drunkards, revilers, extortions.

If all this sounds familiar, it should, because it’s pretty much everywhere you go. And it’s not centralized in America either.

But always, where sin abounds, grace overflows. I’ve seen in my own life, and with my own eyes. So why not overflow in Las Vegas? Are we exempt? Is every sinner exempt from grace? I hope not! Because there are a lot of lost souls out there who need God in their lives. His love, His grace, and His forgiveness.

Las Vegas

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