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Christian Living, Encouragement, Rememberance, Thankfulness | Posted by Eddy Damas
Oct 22 2017



Wherever you are in life, God is waiting for you.
He is there ready to stretch out his hands to lift you up,
To cover you with his wings to protect you

If God parted the Red Seas
if He stopped the day from turning into night.
If God healed on the Sabbath,
If He brought a man back to life

If God confronted His enemies
And the enemies of His people
If God brings the rain on both the just and the unjust
If God made a donkey to speak

If God brought forth the prisoners unto freedom
And set the many captives free
God is waiting for you, He is there ready

If God speaks to you quietly
In the middle of an angry storm
If God presents you in front of your enemies
Who wish to harm you
He is there

There’s nothing that God cannot do
Remember He has done it all!
Time and time again
God is your Creator
God is your strength
God is your peace
God is your Champion
God is your Victory!

If God is for you
Who or what can possibly stand against you?

I Live in Sin Nation, Not Sin City!

Christian Living, Encouragement, judging | Posted by Eddy Damas
Apr 19 2016

When I used to work the Technical Support lines at EarthLink Internet I occasionally got the consumer question of where I was located. I always answered the truth: “I live in Las Vegas.” That was always met by the usual response: “Oh Sin City!”

As I wondered about that possible pronoun, I wonder how many people realize the truth: Las Vegas may be named Sin City, and to a certain truth it is. We’ve got drugs, alcohol, strip bars, prostitutes, and many other things going on in my city. We’ve also got our fair share of violence…much of it bloody.

So why the name? Can the same thing not be said of other cities throughout the nation?
The question comes to mind as I watch TV episodes of COPS. While they feature Las Vegas on that show, they also feature places such as Houston, Texas, and even Miami, Florida. The one common theme I see throughout these cities are all similar to what goes on in Las Vegas.

It’s a sad reality that no matter where you live, and where you go, sin surrounds us. It’s in every cranny and nook of our nation. From the White House, down to the Highways and Byways. Some of it you see plain as day, and some you can’t see at all.

Some say that there is a major earthquake coming to Los Angeles (the City of Angels), San Francisco, and the rest of California. It will effectively wipe that state, as well as much of the West Coast from the map. They have been saying that since the last great earthquake, 6.7 on the Richter scale (1994). The one before it, on October 17, 1989 was a magnitude 7.1.

The Bible mentions earthquakes and pestilences that have either occurred, or are coming. It really depends on your point of view. Since the New Testament was written a very long time ago, said earthquakes and pestilences have already come to pass. We know from reading the history within the pages of the Bible that millions of people have perished due to the power of God acting on the world.

Sure, I see sin everywhere I look in Las Vegas. But I see a different kind of sin that no one else sees. That sin is called apathy. But it’s also called debauchery, fornication, idolatry, adultery, effeminate, abusers, thieves, coveters, drunkards, revilers, extortions.

If all this sounds familiar, it should, because it’s pretty much everywhere you go. And it’s not centralized in America either.

But always, where sin abounds, grace overflows. I’ve seen in my own life, and with my own eyes. So why not overflow in Las Vegas? Are we exempt? Is every sinner exempt from grace? I hope not! Because there are a lot of lost souls out there who need God in their lives. His love, His grace, and His forgiveness.

Las Vegas

What makes someone a good Christian?

Christian Living, Encouragement, judging | Posted by Eddy Damas
Apr 16 2016


Ok, first of all, we all know no one is good, except God, right?

I have had the good fortune to meet some outstanding fine Christians since I’ve become one myself many years ago, and I have also had the bad fortune of meeting some rather not so outstanding Christians. I’ve been on both sides of that fence myself, so I can usually tell who’s who. That’s part of the gift of discernment, which is one of the gifts that the Holy Spirit gives you. I’ve meant Christians within the same church I was attending at the time who were fire breathers, and I’ve meant those who extinguished fires. I’ve meant Christians who have inspired me, and I’ve meant Christians who have turned me off. Being a good Christian is more than just knowing the word of God, it’s more than knowing the difference between right and wrong. This is because Christianity is based on community. It’s about putting the effort into your community. When you get up on stage in a play, you are an actor, playing a certain part. Have you ever realized while watching a movie that there are always two parts: There’s the protagonist, and there is always the antagonist. One will never exist without the other.

Being good at the Christian life requires a unique level of dedication and pain tolerance. Anyone that has suffered loss as the direct result of their faith realizes this. This is totally different from what everyone else goes through. It means that when you are under pressure from the world you never crack, because you have a certain discipline and you are fighting the good fight. You should have sweat pouring out of every pore, and your muscles are tight. You’re unmovable. You’re unshakeable! If perhaps you do fall due to the enemy’s charm, you are able to compose yourself enough to sit up, walk over and cheer on another member, because let’s face it, you’re truly not the only Christian out there.

That isn’t always as easy as it sounds. It is much easier to lie on the floor and take in all that happened, sometimes that’s more than necessary. It means you’ve suffered a devastating blow. But once you’ve been knocked down, and analyzed what went wrong, you learn, you adapt. So when another blow comes, you’re ready for it. Soon, the antagonist is throwing familiar blows, and you instinctively block them! Yes, being a good Christian is hard work. You got to get up thankful every morning that you have that morning. You got to get up and run the race with a great attitude. Certainly having a tough day at work, or argument with a loved one, or even facing a crisis of some sort (whether it’s a fight or flight) is hard.  However, such situations always have a short lifespan… usually only seconds or minutes. However, when we walk in, or out of the door, we all need to remember why we are there. We didn’t sign up for this deal because we wanted to be elite, to be strong, to be bold. We signed up because we were already called to be all those things. Christianity is never meant for the weak minded. You wouldn’t sign up for a gym membership or even a marathon because you’re weak and need to get in shape. No, you could get strong and get in shape on your own. You join the gym because you need to work in an environment with like minded people and to build relationships all while getting fit. The same thing goes for the  Christian community. No matter what type of Christian you are, you need community. Ok, true…you may not fit into the community at all. You may be on fire and find yourself in a community that is barely hanging on. But God sent you in there for a reason, and it’s not to turn your back on your community. The Baptist didn’t turn his back on his community. He cried out to them. Neither did he didn’t cry out to the ones outside. But then again, no one wants their heads cut off.  It’s not for our witness either. Being a good Christian isn’t about going into a church and not liking what’s going on. We could blatantly see wolves dancing in the isle. But many Christians, when they see such, do a turn and burn. Brothers, this is why the church is in such a fallen state. This is why the prosperity doctrine seems to flourish, this is why deceptions like Azura Street happen, because Christians are afraid to stand up and speak out!,

Good Christians know this! They know they have to have a voice – and use it! They know that in this horrid world where false religious practices, false religions, and false messiah rule that they need to step up their game unto a soap box and expose the lies, and reach out to those with willing ears, willing hearts, and willing minds. They are the ones with smiles on their face while in pain and out of breath, they are yelling the loudest during the run of their faith, they will go the extra mile to do good  when they lose count and they will always be giving 100 percent effort to being a Good Christian. I love a Good Christian. They are the ones who we need to blame for keeping the gospel alive, effective and inspiring, every single day. We should all strive to be good Christians!

To love and honor God first and foremost!

God is on the Move, but He is still There!

Encouragement, Uncategorized | Posted by Eddy Damas
Jan 29 2014


Even though I feel like I’m just standing still I know that God is on the move.

Of course, I don’t know what He is doing. But even though my faith, along with my nerves has been shaken recently, I know that God is still active in my life.

I don’t know what His plans for me are…other than to prosper me, and give me a beautiful horizon as far  as the eye can see. And though my eyes are weak, and my head is not looking up these days, I know that He is with me. He is preparing quite a table in my honor. But it doesn’t have to be a great feast. I don’t need Him to fill my belly, or to make me drunk with wine. I only need Him to sit at the banqueting table with me. I need Him to walk beside me.

I’m troubled by both the things I see and the things I don’t see. I am perplexed about the future my future. I’m buffeted by my own insecurities. But I need to learn how not to worry about tomorrow today.

The news these days is horrific. There are still school shootings, and automobile accidents. Careless drivers, and vengeful hearts. While in my solitude I don’t fear such things, I do tend to have a certain fear of the unknown.

Yes, God is testing me. God does that with all His children. And my learning to trust God is the point of the testing, the refining: the fire that He often puts us through is only to make us stronger when it comes to trusting Him. I know there was a forth man in the fire, and I only hope and pray (knowing) that there is a second man in the fire with me. But the wonderful thing about God dealing His hand with me is that the fire may seem hot right now, but I know that it can get hotter. But God is there, and He will not give me anything more than I can handle.

My life is in His hands, but I am still somewhat shaken.  That’s good. That’s God letting me know that His promise of never leaving, nor forsaking me still stands.

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