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Are You Sure?

Christian Living, judging, Sin | Posted by Eddy Damas
Jan 26 2017

When you stand before God, how will you explain your support for Abortion, when God show you all the aborted babies that you supported (via your support for the Democratic party)?

When you stand before God, how will you explain your support for leaders who have overwhelmingly shown their disdain for God?

When you stand before God, what excuse will you use for not speaking out on the things that matters the most to God?

When you stand before God, do you really think that your excuses will matter to Him? Do you think that you’re going to be able to con your way past His all-knowing judgment seat?

When you stand before God, how will you explain how you got more upset at this post, than you did at your relationship with God?

Are you SURE that you won’t hear Jesus say, “depart from me, ye that work iniquity.” (Matthew 23:7) ?

You better make darn sure. It will be too late once you die to find out how wrong you were.

America: the Free and Easy, or the Brave?

Christian Living, Encouragement | Posted by Eddy Damas
Sep 18 2015


I got the bug from Rob’s post here:

Here’s the deal America: you’ve gotten soft in your old age. It used to be that you would instinctively know that you needed to struggle. You were like a monarch still stuck in its cocoon, gnawing and clawing, eating your way out. But all of sudden, during the past couple of years, that hasn’t been the case anymore. It’s not about , gnawing and clawing, eating your way out anymore. Lately you’ve had a voracious appetite. It’s like a violent reaction to being born. You’ve overstepped your own boundaries. Boundaries that weren’t ever made to be broken. Yet within those same boundaries, you’ve developed an attitude of “I don’t care what anybody thinks except me!”

A big part of it was the homosexual revolt in the country. It used to be just like every other life: the only ones who were actively aware were the people you were in personal contact with: the people that you surrounded yourself with in your daily life. But that’s not the scenario anymore. Now it’s come down to gay marriage and gay rights. Now as a Christian let me say this: I may not agree with it, but I understand about the gay marriage thing. You want to do what you want to do. If you want to be reconciled and intimate with your honey, then that’s your legal right. Obviously, you fought hard for it, and it’s now law.

But not everybody agrees with it. Yet we are bombarded with it on a daily basis. Is this just the homosexual opportunity to piss off some Christians? You know, there are some similarities between gays and Christians. The most important thing for both parties is that we will not always be accepted, even from those close to us. And this is a very important thought that I had: when it comes down to it I don’t even view your homosexuality as a major issue. That is: if I am involved with you on a day to day basis.. say work related, or out in the public eye  the chances of me referring to your sexuality as a major issue is not going to be an issue. Because quite frankly, the only place your homosexuality is ever put on display is behind closed doors anyways (Unless you travel down to and display your sexual preferences in the yearly New Orleans Mardi Gras) What I mean is that I will treat you just like I treat anyone else: with human respect and kindness. What is it that you are always fighting for anyways? Equal Rights? You’ve had that for a while now..actually since the day you were born.

I am sorry if you face unlawful workplace discrimination because of your lifestyle. I am even sorry that a Christian Business owner has denied your wish to a gay wedding cake. But putting a Christian Bakery out of commission is not the right thing to do. For one thing: it shows how horrible you personally are. You just put a whole family out of their livelihood because you didn’t have the energy to go and look for someone who caters to you personally. You’ve spent all your energies and all your finances on making someone really miserable. Who ever said that Christians and Gays go well together anyways? I mean, does it make sense that Gays don’t want loud Christian Evangelist disrupting their Pride fests, yet you choose to willingly turn right around and walk into a Christian Bakery and demand to have it “Your Way?” Newsflash: This world isn’t your Burger King: sometimes you just can’t have it your way.

There’s so much violence against the Christian today…and yet many accuse us the Christians of setting off the 200 year of violent crusades. Newsflash: it may not be as physically violent today, but the Christians aren’t the cause of it today. Instead it’s the general population who have grown sick and weary of the true Christians who stand up for a Godly righteousness. Or do you, the homosexual believe that you are the only one who has the freedom of speech? Oh, and speaking of freedom of speech: nice try, but there is no actual law Hate Crime that actually and specifically targets the Christian. That’s just something that you came up in order to save your skins. Besides that, there is not a Christian alive that will actually support you in that. You see we don’t threaten your life, and we surely don’t go around killing you because you’re gay. We may have a strong viewpoint of your homosexual lifestyle, but if you stand by your Hate Crime law, then you are a hypocrite yourself. The problem is that you, along with many others can’t seem to separate true Christianity from the false Christianity.  Of course, I don’t entirely blame you for that…no one does. It’s because there are some Christians who will pat you on the back and comfort you in your sin. Shame on them…they shouldn’t comfort you at all…they should love you enough to lead you out of it. Whether you choose to turn around and look back is entirely up to you. (I don’t advise doing so, but it’s your pillar of salt, not mine).  If a Christian hangs around and waits for you to step out of the gay lifestyle, then that Christian is a hell affirming Christian…they will lead you straight to hell…not away from it. They don’t love you at all. And what is up with the whole Black Lives Matter movement lately? It seems we have moved beyond what Martin Luther King Jr.  fought for: a peaceful protest.  More on that on my next post…

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