Is 666 Hidden in the Disney Logo?

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Mar 13 2017

Some comedy for you tonight.

I won’t say Disney is all clean though. Sure Mickey and the gang are classics, and the theme parks are way fun (Especially the Pirates theme park), but the Disney channel has proven that it can go too far.


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Mar 07 2017

This one has it’s own page. Please visit that and make sure your speakers are somewhat turned up.

Gender Identity Fizz!

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Mar 02 2017

I have a simple solution on how to cut through all the crap of gender identity: burn all of our clothes! Yep…basically appear naked in public. That way a man will always appear to be a man, and a woman will always appear to be a woman. No more pretending, no more confusion.  This will also cure the pride issue!

Come on: what do we really have to be ashamed of?

A Note About Yesterday

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Feb 09 2017

After finishing and reading my post yesterday I wanted to clarify something:

My suffering is not as severe as I believe it to be. I know there are others who are suffering even more. I can’t even begin to say, however, how I wish I could really reach out to them. I know a lot of people who are suffering through bad and broken marriages, physical pain, and I have known people who have experienced alcoholism homelessness…one of them being a an older cousin of mine. We did everything we could for him, but in the end he sadly and unfortunately chose to take his own life.

As I said, there are a lot of people whom only God can help. Even the well intentioned Christian can only do so much. We can feed them, clothe them, we can heal them to some extent…but we are most often than not, only the beginning.

We can do somethings, but we can’t do it all…We can provide them with food, but someone else needs to provide shelter…

This is something that while one brave soul can start, another needs to carry on, until the lost, broken soul can survive on God alone.

What I say isn’t meant to discourage anyone, any Christian, but it is meant to encourage one to another to get together in unity and become a powerful force to do good.

This is what church is all about…the coming together of the saints.

Be Healed – By Suffering!

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Feb 08 2017

One of the things I am struck with while reading the accounts of the Lord healing people in the Bible and by the casting out of demons, is the absence of any suffering going on while being healed. I believe I am not the only one who knows that healing is a process that starts with torture. None of us are healed overnight, none of us are healed instantly either. When we take aspirin for a headache, the headache lingers on for a while before the aspirin does it’s job. When we break a leg, the leg is broken for a few months until it heals. While the headache subsides and the leg heals, there continues to be pain. In the case of the broken leg there is the pain of the fracture itself, then there is the pain of healing, then the pain of strengthening while you learn to walk again.

In life we will go through various stages of suffering. It can be mental or physical, it can even be emotional. All require time to heal. You can never walk away unscathed from a relationship breakup anymore than you can walk away from the death of a loved one. Both take time to get over with.

If being healed instantly was entirely possible, we would be mindless robots and not flesh and blood.

Suffering teaches us a lot, or at least it’s supposed to. It teaches us to be humble. It teaches us not to look down on others who suffer (whatever type of suffering that is…) I know that I am watching my brothers suffering through a lot…I watch them as they work two jobs, doing what they can just to keep the house and family afloat. Or even work one job, with a lot of time off in between. I listen to the breakup of a family.

Right at the moment I am going through some major stuff in my body. There is the sleep apnea, obesity, my left knee and hand are experiencing moments of pain…probably either arthritis or gout. I notice my left index finger has moments of being stuck…normally I would think it’s due to my age…but who knows what is going on. My back is also hurting. God only knows what is next….

But I am becoming instinctively aware of things others are going through. Not that there’s much I can do to help them…that requires intervention from a God that is bigger than I am, and able to provide all the help that I can’t give. I mean I can’t actually cure such things as emphysema or alcoholism, cancer is out of my league for sure. I can’t touch neurosis…and unfortunately I don’t have the answer to homelessness and starvation. (Actually I do have that answer,   but no one would either listen or act on it).

All of what I have written are long term are relatively long term. Even a headache, a rather short term malady, can be long term depending on the state of the one who is going through it. But we can learn a lot through suffering, through our own, or through others….  

Get Smart

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Feb 01 2017

In a word…I don’t have a smart phone. Other than perhaps the built in video camera, the built in photographic camera, an alarm clock, and the phone calling feature, and the convenience of a GPS I don’t see the necessity of owning one. I see so many people actually stuck to their smart phones that they are constantly unaware of what’s going on around them.

I was with a group of friends once. We all were in the movie theater waiting for the movie to start. But it was really quiet (the seven of us were the only ones in the theater.) Nobody was talking. I made a joke about something, and everyone laughed. But then it fell silent again.

The situation reminded me of a marriage where the husband and wife never spoke a word to each other. It was really sad. The worst part of it was, everyone that was right next to each other, were basically texting each other. I thought that God must have gotten evolution all wrong. Perhaps one day it will work out that a couple million or so babies are born with no mouths, and with built-in smart phones in place of fingers.

I have a simple phone…only the cel phone itself, plus the ability for non-internet related texting. I don’t text much on it, if at all. If you call me, I will answer it and speak to you with my own voice. If you don’t call me then chances are that you were there in that movie theater.

Yeah, I also don’t have a $50.00 a month phone bill for things I don’t do with my smart phone.

Answer the call of those around you today. Those that aren’t there can wait…

The Action Figure

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Jan 27 2017

Gideon- It doesn’t matter the size of the army or enemy coming against you when God is fighting your battle for you.

Imagine if you were in a large group of angry people, or even a large group of non-angry people.
There is the phrase that says there is strength in numbers.
And it’s true: A lot of people can get a whole heck of a lot done.
But God never saw it that way. He often used one man or a woman to get things either rolling, or get something extraordinary done.
Moses, Deborah, Elijah, Gideon, Peter, Jesus.. the list is long.

While it’s true that the Christian (or even a non-Christian) shouldn’t work alone, it’s not unusual.

Sometimes a single person can spark a fire, or a movement, or even a cure.

You alone can feed a hungry person.
You alone can shelter a homeless person.
You alone can bring PEACE to a troubled soul.

Whatever you do to start a fire, there is always going to be someone else who comes along and adds fuel to the fire.

Sure, sometimes you will have someone come along with a bucket of water.

But if you are persistent, if you endure, if you persevere… and do it all over again, you will be noticed. And you will carry your reward with you.

It’s not easy. You have to humble yourself. You have to go out of your territory, out of your skin, out of normal.

Sometimes you just even gotta go crazy and do things you normally wouldn’t do.

You might pass that homeless man on the street, and do a U-turn, and give him something…anything at all.
To both you and him, it may not be anything. But to eyes everywhere, it will be everything.

All it takes is a willingness to step forward and take action.


Are You Sure?

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Jan 26 2017

When you stand before God, how will you explain your support for Abortion, when God show you all the aborted babies that you supported (via your support for the Democratic party)?

When you stand before God, how will you explain your support for leaders who have overwhelmingly shown their disdain for God?

When you stand before God, what excuse will you use for not speaking out on the things that matters the most to God?

When you stand before God, do you really think that your excuses will matter to Him? Do you think that you’re going to be able to con your way past His all-knowing judgment seat?

When you stand before God, how will you explain how you got more upset at this post, than you did at your relationship with God?

Are you SURE that you won’t hear Jesus say, “depart from me, ye that work iniquity.” (Matthew 23:7) ?

You better make darn sure. It will be too late once you die to find out how wrong you were.

Practice what you preach?

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Jan 14 2017

On January 1 I posted a basically saying that we gotta keep moving forward.
Allow me to reiterate that and also to offer an apology.
We gotta keep moving forward folks!

We may have plans that we want to do such and such, but if we are just stuck in a rut (I know I am), then those plans just don’t mean a darn thing.

I don’t know what’s going on…maybe I’m too pre-occupied with stuff. I tend to worry a lot, and still much more since my mother passed away. Although things are working out ok, they can be better.

I’m at a loss for companionship. My people skills are gone to “pfft!” I hardly ever speak verbally to anyone anymore, my interactions with others is extremely limited. Although I am a natural comedienne, right now I am so crying on the inside.

Oh yeah, being a natural artist (or at least being an artist), I realize that the better half of the time I need to be alone to work on my talents…but even my artistic side has seemingly dozed off.

I still have ideas running around in my head, but I guess the push to create just isn’t there. I would chalk it up to perhaps being depressed, but that’s not a valid answer.

All I can do right now is pray and ask for your prayers!


This Long Road

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Jan 01 2017


I’m still a conquerer in the Lord Jesus Christ, but just the same: I am that Christian that is struggling VERY hard in my life.

The straight and narrow is not actually straight…it’s got a lot of twists and turns along the way, but it does come back to the straight way…it always does! So it’s important that we keep on this path, going wherever it leads us, but always moving forward, not backwards, not standing still (unless the Lord tells you to stand still). Think of how the Indy 500 works (or the Kentucky Derby) in both races, the cars or horses move forward otherwise calamity erupts.

I wish the Christian could run full speed ahead, but there would be so many things we would miss, and I am sure the Lord, though pushing us to move forward, has some lessons to teach us along the road. Sometimes these lessons come so near to the end of the line, but that’s because we are so stubborn like an ass. Still, the journey beckons us with more. It’s like a voice in the wilderness…you know the one…you can’t pinpoint it…you only know that it’s beyond the large cluster of trees…for all we know it could be in the cluster of trees. So we run like gazelles into the thickness of the jungle, only to find that the path is covered in thick branches that clings to us, scrapes us, tries and holds us back, but we must push forward through the branches, until we either reach that haunting voices, or we break through to the other side.

Oh yeah, we may occasionally have to work our way around. The density of the forest is so thick at times, we may have to stop and climb to the top of the highest tree just to see where we are at. Hopefully we find enough branches in the right spot to where we don’t have to twist around, otherwise…we will be looking back. And that’s not the purpose of the road that lays ahead!

The important thing to always remember in our Christian walk is the journey lies forever ahead, never behind us!

If you are a believer and you are struggling on the path to the Kingdom I implore you to keep walking on the road you are on. Struggling is a mandatory part of the journey. Even the most faithful have their moments, but they know they must push ahead, because this isn’t a short trip! We still have a long way to go!