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Post-Op (One Week)

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May 02 2017

Well it’s been almost a week since my surgery last Wednesday. I’m still experiencing a lot of pain which is normal and expected. What I am having the most trouble with is the amount of saliva the post op is producing. I am unable to sleep a good night’s sleep because I have to spit it out on a constant basis…I don’t want to drown in it. That wouldn’t be good.

Of course, I am still on a liquid diet, which I also expected. But geeze willy, I sure do want a cheeseburger! (kidding).

Medication is making me drowsy. I actually fell out of bed this morning while I was attempting to get out of bed.

I’ve heard the pain will last up to three weeks. I still can’t talk…

But I am thankful that the surgery did go well.

Update on Post Surgery

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Apr 29 2017

This past Wednesday was my surgery day. I had my tonsils removed, my tongue was reduced, and some tissue was removed in order to reduce my sleep apnea. So far the only side effects is a major sore throat that the surgeon said should subside in approximately ten days. Thankfully the operation did seemingly reduce my snoring, so that’s good news. I’m still on pain meds, so I am in and out all day and night. Not eating solid food for a while is going to be a chore. LOL.

Not me Lord!

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Apr 16 2017

Peter, by the time that rooster crows twice, you will have deny me three times!”

It’s Easter…or Resurrection Day. A day that a miracle happened. A day like no other. It wasn’t enough that Christ called out Lazarus from the grave. No, that would have been just too simple. Besides, the opponent didn’t know Lazarus as well as they knew Jesus. There are no real accounts of Lazarus in the bible…other than he died and was resurrected.  We have no insights as to why he died. We only know that he was dead, and he rose again.

It’s that like Christianity is today? A lot of people, especially Christians, fill our churches on Easter Sunday. The only day out of the year where churches actually see near to capacity attendance. And for good reason: The account of Jesus’ resurrection carries with it a very strong message of hope! Let’s face it: every Christian leads a life of hardship. Some have it more extreme than others. But it’s those of us whom Jesus knows that will get the worst of the firey trials. Trials that will harden us to the point that we develop a sharp edge…an edge so fine, the Lord will use it to cut through the trail of legalized paperwork that man has set up for ourselves.

It’s not easy being Christian. Yes, there is the blessedness of life. We stumble onto Jesus either early or late, we revel in his forgiveness, in his everlasting love. Yet we are soon aware that trials are part of the program. We get knocked out of our safe zone. We get flattened like a steamroller. If we have any dross thing left over from the world we knew, it gets purged out of our system. And yes, the constant squeezing and wringing hurts. Sometimes it hurts like hell. You see, the life that Jesus beckons us to is a life of constant change.  It’s not one that says “You have arrived!” It’s one of “A little further now!” On the road to Golgotha…it was a heavy burden until the final destination…yet it wasn’t the final, final destination. There is always a little bit more to go.

And that’s what many Christians don’t understand! We must be dying on a daily, constant basis, or there can be no resurrection of hope. The old flesh has to come off, peeled off, skinned alive. If you are not feeling like you are being skinned on a daily basis, then you aren’t really living the Christian resurrection. There’s no Sunday, there’s no Friday, there is no weekend. It’s a daily grind that leaves you totally exhausted. But within Christ, there is always rest. Rest knowing that your reward is with and in Him!

For the Christian the fighting of the process of being refined is not a trivial matter. When the Spirit beckons you, you cannot shrug it off. The Truth is hard to ward off. It’s not a Easter Sunday truth, it’s a 24/7/365 constantly-on-your-back truth. It never leaves you alone, it only walks beside you, opening your eyes, taking off the blinders so you can see what is real.

Yet many are walking, and will walk in denial. There are those that do not seek Jesus, do not seek His face. Their reliance is on other people, and other things. In short, they trivialize Jesus. But Jesus, the Lord of lords, still beckons to them: ““Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” It almost sounds like a small plea, doesn’t it? Yet Jesus doesn’t exclude anyone from the sound of His voice. It crosses defined borders, races, regions, and even time itself. They heard His voice 2,000 or so years ago, and we still hear His voice today. It’s as strong as ever. What remains to do is simply open our hearts and then our minds.

I’ll tell you what…If Jesus can interrupt the enemy’s plans by rising on the third day, and by truly forgiving man’s sins, no matter what they are….then we, as a fallen creation, can rise up to meet His expectations! So let’s do this thing called repentance and obedience…now and forever!

Gotta try this…

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Mar 30 2017

“The two best ways of escaping a problem: laugh so that you don’t stress out, and sleep to forget the problem. Don’t do both together or it will freak people out.”


Actually I’ve come pretty close. I didn’t laugh to forget a problem, I was just lying on the floor, listening to a sermon with my sister. I started laughing for some reason and I guess my breathing cut off for some reason. So I passed out… She will hate to admit it, but it did freak her out. She had to slap my stomach hard enough a couple of times to get me breathing again.

Then there was the time I started laughing so hard while I was standing up…that my knees started buckling under me…thank God I was able to sit down fast enough.

New Art

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Mar 18 2017

Just wanted to share this drawing I did of the Lord yesterday. It really blessed me as I had no idea really how it would come out. Eventually I will get a frame for it.



Just Can’t Quit!

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Mar 15 2017

The 26th of April I will be going through several surgical procedures to help improve my sleep apnea. This will include a tonsillectomy, somnoplaty and a uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (I am not going to attempt to pronounce that last one.) Although from what I understand all seem to be day surgery, there is a chance I might spend the night, or two.

Whew! I think I’d rather go to the dentist. I know I will be in pain. My surgeon tried to get me not to undergo the surgery, as there is/was the option of the facehugger. But the facehugger crew is unwilling to work with me on getting me used to it.

I’ve been trying my best to lose weight before the surgery, but it’s tough. Seems the more I work at it, the more weight I gain. I definitely don’t expect a miracle in a month’s time. But it seems the Lord is up to something here. Usually I abhor going to the gym. It’s actually like a small moan every single time I think about having to go. But lately I’ve been really gun ho about it.

For instance, I start my routine out by doing the stationary bike. Well I used to go for about 12-15 minutes…about a mile. But the other day I thought I would try going for 18 minutes a session…which is three sessions a week. Well as I counted down the minutes, something I always seem to do no matter what I am doing…I decided.. “You know 2 more minutes isn’t going to kill me anyways…so I finished off 20 minutes.”

Today I finished off 32 minutes on the stationary bike…6 miles!!! 6 MILES!!!!!

One time when I was about 21 I did about 6 miles on my bicycle…I managed to get across town…but let me tell ya…my arse felt it for a couple of days after that! Thank God that those stationary bike seats are comfortable!

The strange thing is that I have not been feeling sore…usually after such a cardio routine, followed by a good weight workout session, I would be feeling it the next day, if not that same night. But I don’t feel anything!

I’m thinking…”What is up with this Lord?

Now this is the funny part…I am not a cardio guy! As a matter of fact…I tend to do exactly the opposite of what the experts recommend…sitting around for hours!

I know..not good for my health, and the primary reason I am in this mess.

Hopefully my energy levels don’t tap out anytime soon. I would definitely enjoy this transition into a somewhat healthier, active lifestyle.

Of course, looking forward to the procedure is not fun. There’s a lot of anxiety. Mainly because the last time I had a procedure done, it was at the opposite end, and that took a long time to get over…

Anyways, I hope I made you laugh by today’s post. Seriously though…prayers for my anxiety levels and for a smooth surgery would be so appreciated!

Sleep apnea is nothing serious. I haven’t really had a severe episode in a very long time, but I have woken up in the past gasping for air.

Get Smart

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Feb 01 2017

In a word…I don’t have a smart phone. Other than perhaps the built in video camera, the built in photographic camera, an alarm clock, and the phone calling feature, and the convenience of a GPS I don’t see the necessity of owning one. I see so many people actually stuck to their smart phones that they are constantly unaware of what’s going on around them.

I was with a group of friends once. We all were in the movie theater waiting for the movie to start. But it was really quiet (the seven of us were the only ones in the theater.) Nobody was talking. I made a joke about something, and everyone laughed. But then it fell silent again.

The situation reminded me of a marriage where the husband and wife never spoke a word to each other. It was really sad. The worst part of it was, everyone that was right next to each other, were basically texting each other. I thought that God must have gotten evolution all wrong. Perhaps one day it will work out that a couple million or so babies are born with no mouths, and with built-in smart phones in place of fingers.

I have a simple phone…only the cel phone itself, plus the ability for non-internet related texting. I don’t text much on it, if at all. If you call me, I will answer it and speak to you with my own voice. If you don’t call me then chances are that you were there in that movie theater.

Yeah, I also don’t have a $50.00 a month phone bill for things I don’t do with my smart phone.

Answer the call of those around you today. Those that aren’t there can wait…

Christmas In His Eyes

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Dec 16 2016

Isaiah 60:6 The multitude of camels shall cover thee, the dromedaries of Midian and Ephah; all they from Sheba shall come: they shall bring gold and incense; and they shall shew forth the praises of the Lord.

Luke 2:12 And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.

Our Lord was born in a box.

It was a wooden box, meant to lay down the food to feed the cattle and the horses. He wasn’t actually born in it, but it was the only bed the child, the Prince of Peace had.

So many things are running through my head these days. Though it’s only ten days away, the Christmas spirit has yet to come to me. And apparently I am not alone. This year just seems different somehow. I’m still mourning my mothers’ passing almost a year ago. I know that mourning has it’s own limit. I’d like not to mourn, because I know she’s a far better place. But I still remember how David mourned the passing of Absalom. I know…two different cases entirely.

The more I think about it, the more I realized Christmas just was never about the gifts, the feelings, etc. Christmas was all about family. Enjoying the company of each other. At least that’s the Christmas that’s presented on that “evil thing” called the Hallmark Channel.

Because of my welfare state, I have never truly been a Christmas shopper. I just could, and can’t, go shopping for things to give to the people I love. I’d rather just order them a pizza, or make a home cooked meal. (Not that I am a cook…most of the time what I cook ends up being not so great). Shopping for people is too much of a stomach upset waiting to happen.

I’m finally settling into the knowledge that I do have limited funds. Even though I’ve tried hard to save a little, it’s just not happening. So I make due with what I receive on a monthly basis. That’s the way it’s always been for the Christian. Mary and Joseph sure didn’t have a lot… just family.

So Christmas can do without the pretty trees, it can do without the elaborate (and sometimes hard as heck) gift wrappings. The Lord had none of those things. What’s important on Christmas is the hope the season brings; that the birth and life of Our Lord touches all…families and loved ones.

He is the reason for Christmas. He is our Hope, and our Salvation. Our perfect gift from the Father of Lights!

Everyday Thankfulness!

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Nov 19 2016

This is the time of year I love. The time of year when I get to sit back and think about, and be grateful of all the blessings which God has showered down on me this past year. I truly believe that the most important one of these, after having a loving and merciful God, is family and friends.


You see it’s because of my family and friends that I am still alive today. I was thinking about my life just yesterday, how so dependent I was on my parents growing up. I don’t know why, but I was under the impression that my parents would be here forever. Of course, in a big way they were and are. The The lessons I learned from them are still in my mind today. The laughter and the tears are in my memory. I know many people would be under the impression that for them school (and the world), would be their learning ground; their strong points. For me that was never the case. Everything I learned about life I learned from my parents.

It was very tragic moment and time when my father passed away at 45 years of age. All of a sudden the strongest man I knew (He was stronger than Superman. The man had no weakness whatsoever!) Afterwards my mom had to become something more than an Amazon: keeping the family rolling. She learned at a very young age to work hard for her family. It was a drastic transformation for her, but she had no other choice..she had a full house with my brother, both of her parents, and I.

Sadly I never made it easy for her. I rebelled so many times throughout the years that I lost count. I’ll be straightforward and say that her an I had our disagreements and our fights. I think that both of us were worried about my future. I ended up doing the best that I could living at home for 49 years. But as she told me a while before she passed away: those who live together for that amount of time will often go through heaven and hell together.

I’m not the easiest living soul to get along with. At 50 years old I still have my rough edges. But I do have a wonderful family with my brother and nieces that I am extremely thankful for. Many people have what they call their “rocks” in life. Something sure that they can firmly plant their feet upon. I know as a Christian my real rock…the one that is forever, is Jesus Christ, and I am extremely thankful for Him. But my brother and nieces are there too. I think without their presence in my life well, I just wouldn’t be here at all.

I do have someone else that I am grateful for. Someone I love with all my heart. But we always end up on a stormy trail that ends up with either her being mad at me, or me being mad at her. Time, distance and circumstances are in between us, and always will be. But she truly has been another blessing in my life. I still think of her all the time and always will.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone! Make it a special one and spend time with those you love.