• Young women with cell phone cameras really don’t have a clue, do they? I see so many self-photos that could have turned out really well that just fail because they either forget to look either straight at the […]

  • I’m not responsible for the contents of this post. Actually an old friend of mine is. But it sounds like she has a good point. Some of this is edited for Christians. I hope she doesn’t mind!

    I’M SO […]

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    Wherever you are in life, God is waiting for you.
    He is there ready to stretch out his hands to lift you up,
    To cover you with his wings to protect you
    If God parted the Red Seas
    if He stopped the d […]

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  1. cycleguy says:

    Looking forward to hearing more Ed.

  2. Betty Draper says:

    Very good post, love the beautiful bright clean house…this is how our hearts should look.
    Betty Draper recently posted…The Vision No One Could KillMy Profile

  3. cycleguy says:

    Good questions Ed. You hit the nail on the head since we are supposed to be made new but not stay the same. What a difference we would make if we really did make the changes necessary.
    cycleguy recently posted…PurposeMy Profile

  4. chwilowki says:

    Super-Duper blog! I am loving it!! Will be back later to read some more. I am taking your feeds also

  5. cycleguy says:

    I'm not sure if giving up would be the appropriate word for me, but I have toned it down or decided to leave it up to someone else to reach a person. I have tried several time with my father, for example, but either the subject was changed or I failed to follow through on my desire. I have to pray for someone else to show him. But I do understand what you are saying.
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  6. cycleguy says:

    No question it is a broken picture of Jesus. There really should be no place for this type of adversarial relationship. Even false teaching can be confronted with kind words and demeanor.
    cycleguy recently posted…GoodMy Profile

  7. Betty Draper says:

    Wow this is a good post. The very point you are making not only drives the lost away but also other Christians. I think of a friend who for whatever reason takes the opposite side of any discussion we have. Both of us are believers and I am finding it hard to be with her because of this. I am sure she is finding it hard to be with me because I want to push my opinion against hers. In truth neither one of us are wrong, we are just coming from a different stage of our life. Your post made me realize I need to first apologize to her and second stop my arguing my point and LISTEN to her.

    Thanks for posting this.
    Betty Draper recently posted…HardshipMy Profile

  8. Betty Draper says:

    The first couple years I was saved I had so much zeal I was offending my neighbors and any who came around me. One of my friends at church told me I had a lot of zeal but not enough knowledge and wisdom to handle my zeal. Zeal can gets us into a lot of trouble if left to run it's way. This was the time of my walk I begin to pray for wisdom especially, discernment to know when to speak and when not to. Still praying for it.

    How right you are, the Holy Spirit will not push His way in. Good post brother…
    Betty Draper recently posted…HardshipMy Profile

    • Eddy Damas says:

      Zeal is always ok, but you're right, wisdom is far better. How fortunate we are that we have older (and wiser) brothers and sisters filled with the Holy Spirit in the church that are able to teach and guide us.

  9. Betty Draper says:

    The mental picture I have now of frozen pizza makes me never want to buy them. It is worth the time and effort really to make my own which my family loves. It’s only since we have moved back to the land of convenient that I stopped making them. Christ was never stale and never boring. Good post brother.
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  10. floyd says:

    I haven't heard exactly what was said or ever watched that show, but I'm in agreement that sin is sin. We all have our weaknesses and to try to change the heart of mankind to make them instincts is to deny what everyone really knows is true deep in their hearts.

  11. Betty Draper says:

    So far I have not commented in written word or voice on all the hoopla about what Phil Roberston said. If I did I would say..preach it brother, preach it. This man has lived long enough and walked long enough in the Word that he is pretty comfortable speaking out about sin. I find it refreshing anyone speaks out anywhere on any sin. I am thankful to all those who have spoken out on his behalf, seems it made a difference. I could not help but think of all the pastor in little churches who do this kind of preaching on a weekly bases on sin. Praise God for those who give the gospel out and then teach and preach how the Word says a follower of Christ should behave. Good post brother. HOpe you Christmas was a good one.
    Betty Draper recently posted…JesusMy Profile

    • Eddy Damas says:

      Thank you Betty. Christmas was a relatively quiet one this year. Our Christmas dinner that we ordered was late in getting to us, as the man we ordered from obviously chewed off more business than he could handle. So we had to make due with pre-made appetizers until delivery, and by then everybody was either full or really annoyed at how late the main course arrived.

  12. floyd says:

    Amen! We're the proof of His grace and redemption!
    floyd recently posted…SILLY TRADITIONSMy Profile

  13. I don't always understand either what He is doing Ed. Wish I did, but then again, that is what faith is all about. I have to trust that He knows what He is doing. I'm glad He is on the move. I hate standing still.
    Bill (cycelguy) recently posted…QuittingMy Profile

  14. I'll comment even though I don't like that word (suck). I don't think you or anyone else is worthless. While we may wonder what we are here for and if we will ever accomplish it, we are all fulfilling a purpose. You advice though is correct: we have to see things through God's eyes not ours.
    Bill (cycelguy) recently posted…WorthyMy Profile

  15. Betty Draper says:

    You have broke my heart brother…these are hard questions…and yes we all face them when someone we love is dying. One thing I remember thinking when one of my loved one was dying was the Word tell us it is appointed unto man once to die, does not say when, or how or even why, just God has appointed it. I use to wonder about why we don't have the power to heal the sick since it's the same Holy Spirit in us that was in them. Maybe God knew those back then needed to see with their eyes that kind of healing to have faith that Jesus was the Son of God. I do know we are to live by faith and not sight which is so hard when our sight behold a loved one dying. I am sure others could give you a more spiritual answer, I just know God has appointed it once for man and women to die. I am going to pray for you my brother, for the peace that passes all understanding as you interact with your mother and maybe other family members. I am going pray for your mother to have peace as she is close to leaving this world. Hard to pray comfort for someone in your situation, but I do pray comfort for your questioning heart.
    Betty Draper recently posted…IT’S OVERMy Profile

  16. floyd says:

    I miss my dad. But I know he's not suffering the falseness of this life we are now. Not easy… Your love and caring for your mom is what we're to be about. I so appreciate your heart, brother. Your mom is honored by your heart and actions. I'm praying for her and you, Ed.
    floyd recently posted…A BAR TOO LOWMy Profile

  17. I'll be glad to commit to praying for you both Ed. BTW: no I don't think God is punishing you. i do think he tests us for various reasons. To see our faith is "of greater worth than gold" is one reason. Sometimes it is to prepare us for the future. Who knows? I do know he is not punishing you. A loving God will not do that.
    Bill (cycelguy) recently posted…GriefRevisitedMy Profile

  18. I've had to learn to live with my regrets by giving them to Jesus and telling Him I can't carry them. i still make plenty of mistakes but hopefully have learned from the ones I know I should not repeat.
    Bill (cycelguy) recently posted…SecondsMy Profile

  19. TC Avey says:

    Of course I have regrets, but anytime they pop up I try to give them to God. Ask Him to help me forgive myself and others and to learn/grow.

    Challenges are simply opportunities. You're right, God prepares us for bigger boulders. As Christians we should grow and experience growth pains. Trails and failures are ways to show us our hearts and how continued need of more of God and less of self.

  20. floyd says:

    Wow… That is some serious wisdom, Ed. This is one of the best posts you've done. We don't get to walk around the valley of the shadow of death, our Father marches us right through the middle! And yes, we get stronger. Awesome prose and lesson, my friend. I want to try to sit in a Delorean!
    floyd recently posted…CHIVALRYโ€ฆ REST IN PEACEโ€ฆMy Profile

  21. floyd says:

    That picture of the train wreck made since by the end! Good for you for not settling, Ed. God has someone for you, but you have to be wise and patient enough to wait. Good for you that you are, and you are…
    floyd recently posted…GAME FACEMy Profile

    • Eddy Damas says:

      That's what I believe also Floyd. I'm not worried about it, it's just that half of the people make me want to shake my head while the other half makes me want to laugh at the absurdity of it all. Above all, I just will never understand why people don't respect themselves enough.

  22. Betty Draper says:

    Ed thanks for the information on lemons…I learned a few new reason to use them besides lemonade. Need to get to the store today for some since I have a steak in the fridge to grill tonight.

  23. I knew some of those, but those are some great tips! Amazing how useful God makes His creation. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!
    Jason Stasyszen recently posted…Coffee and Spiritual ProgressMy Profile

  24. I am 61 and I concur about the joints in the body hurting. Makes it tough playing with a go-get-em 7 1/2 year old grandson. I wrote my thoughts yesterday in a blog called HELP!! I also had a whole series written by Kari Scare back in June/July. Depression is real and nothing to shake a stick at. Sometimes it is chemical. Sometimes it is physical. Sometimes is mental. But always it is serious.
    Bill (cycelguy) recently posted…TraditionMy Profile

  25. Besides the fact I can't stand this type of music, I would NEVER attend this concert. I am not puritanical but this sounds like it goes way over the line.
    Bill (cycelguy) recently posted…LoyaltyMy Profile

    • Eddy Damas says:

      It sure doesn't sound like either of these performers have any class. I know Las Vegas is known for it's skimpy outfits in the shows, but none of the old performers (Sinatra, Elvis, Garth Brooks, etc) would ever put on such a show.

  26. Betty Draper says:

    Ed, I am totally shocked at what you wrote about. I guess I have it no thought except to think it was a good thing. My brother in law died of ALS last year, horrible disease. Only the devil would want to cause a controversy over something as an ALS challenge. I will, not I won't get in line and check out what is being said, it will just make me mad. The devil loves to keep us Christian in an up roar over anything except there are lost people dying and going to hell as I type this. Glad I stopped by brother.
    Betty Draper recently posted…Do It AgainMy Profile

  27. If it wasn't for the tech geeks in my life I would be up a creek. Those on the phone (when I can understand them) or those at the church who fix things and make them go. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Bill (cycelguy) recently posted…PreachingMy Profile

  28. Truth is many will find the roots of our Christmas celebration has roots in paganism as well. Might as well add Easter to that list. I tire of people trying to find bad and evil in everything.
    Bill (cycelguy) recently posted…StressMy Profile

  29. Steve Martin says:

    I'm falling apart physically (albeit slowly) too.

    And then there are the troubles with my family.

    Life is turning out the way I had hoped, that's for sure.

    And it does get me down from time to time.

    But I know that it won't last forever. But Christ will heal all our wounds. If not in this life…then certainly in the next.

    Thanks, Eddy.
    Steve Martin recently posted…Being Present in the WordMy Profile

  30. Well said Ed. I have often said that if we don't forgive that person owns us, we are their slave. Get rid of the grudge. It only becomes a burden too heavy to carry.
    Bill (cycelguy) recently posted…DTRMy Profile

  31. Copied and pasted his link to my browser and read his stuff Ed. Really liked his post about "Gay not ending Gay." I wish him well.
    bill (cycleguy) recently posted…ThanksgivingMy Profile

  32. Great reminder, Eddy. Not only do grudges and problems with others hurt us, but we're commanded to forgive them for the sake of Christ.
    Loren Pinilis recently posted…Christian Life Strategy: Why Yours May FailMy Profile

  33. Betty Draper says:

    Ed, excellent analogy on being too quick…I kind of felt the same way after eating so much. Actually I was a little sick just from the richness of all the food. I don't usually gorge myself but seems so easy to do as we sit and talked while we ate and ate and ate. Good post brother.

    • Eddy Damas says:

      I can never sit at the table and talk with others while eating Betty. I think if I did I would actually slow down, which again, is not a bad thing. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you so much Sister!

  34. I can honestly say I didn't gorge yesterday. The busyness of serving others stopped that from happening and I was a much happier camper as a result. Making others happy makes me happy. I enjoyed yesterday and need to keep that in mind.
    bill (cycleguy) recently posted…HopeMy Profile

    • Eddy Damas says:

      There's absolutely nothing wrong with gorging yourself on the happiness of serving others Bill!
      By the way..THANK YOU for beinga GREAT pastor and a friend to God!

  35. Betty Draper says:

    Preach it brother, preach it.
    Betty Draper recently posted…The Spirits Never Loved UsMy Profile

  36. floyd says:

    While I agree how bad cigarettes are for our health, and not that I smoke or ever have, but I appreciate the freedom to go out and kill myself that way if I get the hankering to!
    floyd recently posted…TOOLS OF THE TRADEMy Profile

    • Eddy Damas says:

      I think that's what the majority of smokers think and/or believe. However, once they are actually in the process of going through the chemo treatment process, it just might cause them to take another look at their decision. There are a thousand better ways to die. Also, the smoker is not often aware that while they are suffering, their family is suffering more. Thanks Floyd! ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Not sure banning cigs would work but I do appreciate your thoughts. Unfortunately I have know people going through chemo and still smoking like there wasn't a problem. I think the real issue is the devaluing of life across the board in our society…it’s a message we hear from birth (if you survive) to the grave. I believe the Gospel is the only real solution, God’s life makes us value all life…including our own. Bless ya bro’!
    Jay Cookingham recently posted…A Leap of FaithMy Profile

    • Eddy Damas says:

      I agree Jay…there's a message that needs to come out about the value of life and that message IS the Gospel. So many tend to give up almost right away. I have a cousin who is going through Chemo and is still smoking too.

  38. Michelle says:

    Dear Eddie and Family, your Mom was one of the sweetest women I'd ever known. We worked together for a long time and stayed in touch thru Madlen. I will miss her dearly as I know you and your girls will. Always know how much she was truly loved by others. My prayers are with you all

  39. I'm taking that this just happened. I am sorry for your loss Eddie. I know she has been sick for a few years. My own mother died after being diagnosed with cancer in December of 2003 and going to see Jesus is March of 2004. I'm glad she knew Jesus and you will see her again. I pray God will give you peace and rest.
    bill (cycleguy) recently posted…ExistenceMy Profile

  40. Marielmy y tu famili says:

    Tu familia desde Cuba comparte tu dolor. Tu mamá fue una persona muy especial a la que admiramos mucho. Ahora descansa en paz, no sufre más y está junto al Señor.

    Que Dios te de la fuerza y la fe que necesitas ahora para seguir adelante.

  41. floyd says:

    Oh man… I'm so sorry for your loss, Ed. While I don't no you personally and don't know that much about you, the one thing I knew for sure was you loved your mother deeply and with the love of Christ.

    I'm praying for you, brother. My heart breaks for you. May our Father lift you mightily up.
    floyd recently posted…IN REMEMBRANCEMy Profile

  42. There is also a verse which says, "do all things without grumbling or complaining." I totally agree with your thoughts Ed. I have noticed if I complain, the "going through it" is longer and seems worse. An attitude focused on Jesus changes things.
    Bill (cycelguy) recently posted…VolunteersMy Profile

  43. Real expression Eddie. Praying for God's presence to be real for you in your loneliness.
    Bill (cycelguy) recently posted…BraceMy Profile

  44. The ministry is my "job" Ed. i am one of those professionals. ๐Ÿ™‚ But it can still become work instead of a joy. I love what I do. I enjoy it immensely. The day it becomes a chore is the day I need to leave it.
    Bill (cycelguy) recently posted…MouthyMy Profile

  45. floyd says:

    You really hit on something here. It isn't just going out and telling someone the good news, it is being in the moment of their lives with them when we're the hands and heart of God.

    Think I'm overdue… And I've already tried to run like Jonah from God… I know that doesn't begin to work…
    floyd recently posted…TRUE COMFORT IN PRAYERMy Profile

    • Eddy Damas says:

      Most Christians are detached from true ministry Floyd. As an example, there's the "out-of-church Christian," who finds dis-favor(?) within the walls of the church, but doesn't really do anything outside of the church walls except praise… and worship.

  46. floyd says:

    Excellent points about judging others without having walked in their shoes. It is about relationships. It was for our Savior and it is for us… and I fail at that with regularity…
    floyd recently posted…THE WIND BLOWSMy Profile

    • Eddy Damas says:

      I think we all fail at that Floyd. The church grows by not judging where others are at, but by reaching out to those that need reaching out to…
      Sorry for the late response… ๐Ÿ˜›

  47. Good one Ed.
    Bill (cycelguy) recently posted…EMy Profile

  48. Betty Draper says:

    Great story with a laugh…I may have to use this one and I don't usually tell jokes but I like this because of the punch line.

    • Eddy Damas says:

      I was told a couple of months ago that I was a funny (humorous) soul. So I just kinda decided to roll with it. A good laugh is so hard to find these days.

  49. floyd says:

    This post rings with wisdom. Funny thing about getting older and knowing God; we are constantly reminded that this is a fallen earth and not our home.

    Praying for you in your times of trouble, Ed. In them you're lifting up others and thanks for sharing.
    floyd recently posted…YOU MAKE ME FEEL LIKE DANCINGMy Profile

  50. Betty Draper says:

    "trust can be fleeting"…how true Ed. This was a well written post full of wisdom and insight. Just when I think I have got trust by the tail…it gets shove out by the cares of life. I love the fact God never shove me away especially when my trusting in His has taken a hit, He just patiently waits till I get take die to self to walk again in freedom. How blessed we are to know such a God no matter how little or much or knowledge is. Littlest is much when God is in it…great post brother.

  51. That battle is always with me. Always.
    Bill (cycelguy) recently posted…Stone7My Profile

  52. Good story Ed. And a very true one in that our Father is in control. Nothing escapes His eye. He knows exactly what is going on. Maybe He wants to shake the church from its doldrums. Who knows? I choose to place myself in His hands.
    Bill (cycelguy) recently posted…ThoughtsMy Profile

  53. Betty Draper says:

    Absolutely perfect story for this troubled times…
    Betty Draper recently posted…FootstepsMy Profile

  54. Seems to be what this current Millennial generation wants. Then again, they learned it from their predecessors. who learned it from theirs. and so on. Tragically, churches are doing the same thing. Point well taken Ed.
    Bill (cycelguy) recently posted…Stone13My Profile

  55. Jesus said it was coming. I believe Him. He also said He would be there for us. I believe Him. I prefer to have faith rather than fear.
    Bill (cycelguy) recently posted…YOUMy Profile

  56. Your question at the end sort of sums it up Ed. Who am I to question? I have times of doubt also but also hold to the truth of God's faithfulness.
    Bill (cycelguy) recently posted…UnselfishnessMy Profile

  57. floyd says:

    Man, am I glad I got to read this today. Well written and powerfully encouraging. I too am still learning how God works. I think that will be a lifelong struggle in this soul cage. I’m lifted up by your words today. Thanks, Ed. And blessings to you, brother.
    floyd recently posted…DONโ€™T STEP ON THE CRACKSMy Profile

  58. Betty Draper says:

    Ed, all of us struggle with these issue, no matter how long we have been saved, no matter how many trusting experienced we have been through. The only thought that keeps me going is God never struggles with trust. He can trust His work in our and others lives to do what He said it would do. Great honest wise post Ed…thanks.

  59. Betty Draper says:

    I am with you a hundred percent. With all the political stuff in the news one could get very doom and gloom if it were not for the Word that clearly states God is in control and all this will pass away someday. I may struggle with some daily issues but not my future, it’s secure and safe with my Savior. Encouraging post brother, very encouraging.
    Betty Draper recently posted…A Team Effort…My Profile

    • Eddy Damas says:

      I guess it all depends on your perspective. I may not agree with the Doom and Gloom Christians, but I understand them. Still, it’s better to preach Jesus all the way, than to preace hard times to come.

  60. floyd says:

    Peculiar… When I read your comment the first thing I thought of was your last post. I thought of how encouraging and powerful it was.

    I get the artistic bend and how it calls us to be withdrawn and sometimes the polar opposite… the whole time struggling with both.

    When I first read those words, “What good am I?” the old Righteous Brother’s tune popped into my head; “You’re My Soul And My Inspiration”.

    What good are you? I’ll tell you just one thing I respect and find value and good in you; Your words are always full of truth and humility. I seek that for myself and if there’s anything that this world needs… it’s that. Those are character traits of our Father.

    Keep pushing that rope up hill, Ed. You’re down hill is a-comin’, my friend.
    floyd recently posted…COMMUNITYMy Profile

    • Eddy Damas says:

      That’s a good song, one of my favorites. Yeah, I guess I offered the yang to the ying of my last post. I hope I continue in offering hope and humilty. Thanks Floyd! You are such an encourager!

  61. I agree with Floyd, Ed. I don’t know you personally but appreciate the comments you make and the blogs you write. I keep reminding the folks here who feel as though they have nothing to offer that they do. What little they give to God will go a long way. Today a bunch of guys are building a ramp for a man who recently was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident. i stopped by to encourage because wielding a power saw is not in my list of talents. ๐Ÿ™‚ Did it mean anything? yes, it did. You, my friend, have a niche. You will find it.
    Bill (cycelguy) recently posted…PeopleMy Profile

  62. Betty Draper says:

    My brother in Christ God so valued you that if you had been the only person on earth He would have sent His Son to die for you. And His love does not depend on what we do or don’t do. The hardest part of getting older and my health being not so good is that my passion for serving the Lord has not diminished at all. I read passion for Him in every post that you write. Feeling come and go but you know how to bring truth into your feelings, that’s maturity. One thing we have struggled with is finding friends who want to go deeper then the surface, christian. If all they do is go to church and just have a head knowledge they cannot go below the surface. I will pray God will give you something to do that fits your situation and a friend who cares enough to be more then surface. Meanwhile, paint away, you might just paint the next Mona Lisa.
    Betty Draper recently posted…A Team Effort…My Profile

  63. floyd says:

    Being the one that turns off another by my delivery makes me cringe. That’s a powerful analogy; at some point we have to exhale and what we are inside is gonna come out. Good one, Ed.
    floyd recently posted…PASS IT ONMy Profile

    • Eddy Damas says:

      I’ve lived around it for years Floyd. I just can’t stand the fact that someone, especially a Christian, would harm their own body, as well as the health of others, with this strong addiction. An addiction that, if they ask for God’s help, they can overcome.

  64. Betty Draper says:

    I kind of feel that way about drinking because of coming from a home that made alcohol king. And trying to witness to a drunk seems hopeless. Yet I do know and have experienced God reaching through the mind destroyed by alcohol and super naturally making a path for them to hear the gospel. That all came out of a prayer, God, do whatever it takes to bring my Dad to salvation. I had to go deeper then praying he would quit drinking. Smoking pot or cigarettes both are so unhealthy just like drinking that affects others beside the person who does it. Until those who drink, smoke, lie, cheat, lie, over eat, steal, kill it’s are motivated to quit they won’t. I know I was a heavy smoker when I got saved . About two months into the my salvation I am reading my bible smoking away. I started to take a drag of that nasty cigarette when the thought of what I was doing hit me. I was filling this temple that housed the Holy Spirit, God with harmful smoke and I was making it smell awful. It so shook me that I gave them up that night THEN THE REAL BATTLE STARTED. Unlike a lot of people who quit and have no withdrawals, I suffered greatly with headaches, stomach issues, no patience, crying. My sweet husband said, just go back to smoking you are terrible to live with and I was. I begged God to take the desire away…He chose not the way I wanted. He chose to allow me to go through withdrawals, about a month worth and finally the bad part was gone but for at least a couple of years every time I smelled a cigarette I would want to pick one up. That finally left , now I am working through addiction to sugar…another battle. Thanks for putting your thoughts out there brother, I know someone I am going to sent this post to.

    • Eddy Damas says:

      Quitting a bad habit is never easy. But I believe that’s just because we can’t see into the future. If we could, we would realize the struggles with our health could, and can be avoided, even dismissed. Of course, this life isn’t a guarantee.
      Of course, I believe that family could be our next to greatest strength. Why on earth would we want our loved ones to witness such a degrade in our health? Why would we want to put them through all our own agony? Smoking, drinking, drunkeness is never about self
      Thanks Betty!

  65. I lost my mother to cancer in 2004. My father turns 88 later this month and dementia is ruling the day. 9 hours is a long way to drive for about an hour visit. i can honestly say I don’t know how you feel. But I do agree with your final beliefs about God’s faithfulness. He will not and has not left you.
    Bill (cycelguy) recently posted…ChurchAliveMy Profile

    • Eddy Damas says:

      It’s ok. It’s hard to know how a person feels if you are not directly involved with them in their lives. My point is that the hardships we face when we walk with God are sometimes very different from what we think they are, or should be.

  66. Arny Sanchez says:

    First, sorry for you loss.
    My God keep giving you strength and a revelation of his presence to carry on.

    These are great insights into your life and I know they will inspire other in the same situation as you.

    I dread the THAT day that will come for me…
    I still have both my Parents…
    I dread they day I get that call…
    I only hope God can sustain me in that moment… and I know he will…
    Arny Sanchez recently posted…Oh, Yes I Willโ€ฆJoin Me!My Profile

  67. Betty Draper says:

    So very sorry about your loss Ed. I wonder if you would have ever wrote the sentence below without it though?

    But the true blessing of God is in the breaking, the smashing of the things that we once held dear. God has, and will supernaturally replace all these things with His presence alone. He has, and will once again build us up from nothing.
    (this is a profound statement brother.

    Just the reading of the above was hard so I know the strength it must have took to write it came from a heart yearning for God perspective on loss. We too often only look for the blessing in the gaining, not losing, more then less, laughter instead of tears, with instead of being without. The longer we hold onto the temporary the harder it seems to be when it’s gone. I think you have got a glimpse of eternity, as we southerner say, a little touch of heaven. There a southern gospel song titled, I Lost It All To GAin Everything…it fits your post which was timely for me. We are making a huge change in a few days that I know will be for our good and God’s glory but I am not looking forward to it. Right now all I can see is the struggles that will come. And honestly I am ready to coast a little through life but God has other plans for me, He wants me transformed into His image so to do that will cause pain, struggles and a lot of dying to self. Once again, good post.
    Betty Draper recently posted…Forgiven UnforgettableMy Profile

    • Eddy Damas says:

      I’ve only had the impression that God’s way is easy when I was a child Betty. It’s not until after I have seen the real lives affected by hardship that I realized just how God works, and it’s still a mystery to me. I think that any Christian who has no trials or real hardship in their lives are missing out on something.

  68. floyd says:

    Words of wisdom, brother. God changes us and prepares us for our next chapter in our march to the climax of our lives. I’ve been where you are and I learned what you have, but I also realized more deeply in my soul that this isn’t our home.

    How can one come up with this amount of wisdom without having lived it? Well done, sir.
    floyd recently posted…SHORTCUTSMy Profile

  69. floyd says:

    Amen, brother. So many folks brush over the facts that every single person chosen by God endured hardships. Why would we think we wouldn’t? Christ told us we would have hardships, but He taught us that our faith in Him puts us in a different position and perspective on this world’s troubles.

    We lift one another up and encourage one another in our difficult times. Thanks for yours here. And I’m praying for you and the difficult season for you that lies ahead.
    floyd recently posted…SHORTCUTSMy Profile

  70. Betty Draper says:

    This post will preach brother…great reminders of in this life we will have trials, it’s our next life if we are a Christian that trials will be gone. Only to those who do not belong to the Lord will suffer endless torment and suffering for all of eternity. Knowing that makes me want to tell someone about Jesus and how they can too look forward to the end of trials.

  71. True that. God will not be ignored. At any time. Blatant and unrepentant sin will come to roost-here or later.
    Bill (cycleguy) recently posted…WarningMy Profile

  72. floyd says:

    It’s a tough subject, but yeah, “Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”, come to mind first. To grasp the sovereignty of our Father is to revere Him more than the entire world that is at His command and dispense.
    floyd recently posted…HOW TO SKIN A CATMy Profile

  73. It is time to let our light shine in this dark world. True words Ed. instead of complaining, let’s shine!
    Bill (cycleguy) recently posted…ExcitementMy Profile

  74. Diane says:

    Hi Ed, I found my way to your blog through our mutual friend, Floyd. It’s nice to “meet you”. Have a wonderful day! God bless you.

  75. Diane says:

    Ed, you said it all perfectly! Amen!
    Diane recently posted…The Dancing Shadows of DignityMy Profile

  76. Diane says:

    Ed, I love your line: I do believe in the Fathersโ€™ love for both the lost and found. The “lost and found”. I’ve been in both categories. LOVE that line. May I use it? I think there is a blog post coming…
    Diane recently posted…The Dancing Shadows of DignityMy Profile

  77. Diane says:

    Thank you for the inspiration!
    Diane recently posted…The Dancing Shadows of DignityMy Profile

  78. Betty Draper says:

    Best comment I can post is, PREACH IT BROTHER, PREACH IT.

  79. Rajwinder says:

    OK, Iโ€™ve got to testify. I have been hunrtig for over a week my left shoulder has been on fire. I woke up this morning not even wanting to get out of bed. But I went to church anyway. I could barely stand it through the Praise time. But as I was leaving church I realized the pain was gone. Seven hours without a pain pill and still no pain. Praise God!!

  80. Soedyo says:

    Actually, I liked Jesus Christ Superstar, that may be my favorite Jesus movie. I also liked The Life of Brian for a good laugh. As far as more daaimtrc movies, The Passion of the Christ wasn’t bad, but it was long at some points and almost sickeningly violent at others. Nativity Story was good and takes the story pretty seriously while remaining a family movie.

  81. floyd says:

    Wow! Love the passion and heart along with compassion for those that haven’t ever unwrapped the full love and power of God in their lives over this world and life.

    I’m one of the trumpets, brother. Thanks for the encouragement.
    floyd recently posted…THE BOTTOM OF MY HEARTMy Profile

  82. arkenaten says:

    Most atheists, me included, are not bothered what religious people believe.
    What does bother them is because you believe it is true that you have a duty to spread this stuff around, and along the way, indoctrinate children and teach them such nonsense as Young Earth Creationism.
    If it were not for such practices , children would go through childhood relatively unaware of your god and emerge, unscathed as adults.

    • Eddy Damas says:

      On the other hand they could go through childhood completely aware of God and emerge just fine.
      Unless of course, an atheist adult belittles what they believe, to the point that the child has no choice but
      to accept the atheist’s point of view as fact.
      Still, that doesn’t mean there is no hope for the child/atheist as an adult.
      For what it’s worth arkenaten, none of us ever emerge, unscathed as adults. In one way or another, it’s being harmed that brings out the good in us. Had Jesus not been crucified, we would have never had an opportunity for heaven, or forgiveness of sin.

      • arkenaten says:

        If you are prepared to engage a single deconvert you will soon see the truth in my initial statement.

        Those that ”emerge just fine” are generally ”cultural Christians” and have little or no faith compared to those of the born again, fundamentalist variety, such as yourself.
        Children subject to such lifelong guilt and fear induced fundamentalist beliefs are most definitely damaged as adults. And there are numerous scientific studies that demonstrate this.

        itโ€™s being harmed that brings out the good in us.

        What a quite disgusting scenario.

        Still, that doesnโ€™t mean there is no hope for the child/atheist as an adult.

        The hope is that every child will eventually be religion free.
        Thankfully this is becoming ever more likely.

        I can provide numerous links if you are at all interested in hearing the veracity of my claim/s from those who have had direct experience of the damage religion does.

        • Eddy Damas says:

          I know what you are aiming for here. I’ve been on both sides of what religion does. I was involved in a cult early on in my teenage years. And yes, they do A LOT of damage, especially to family and other relationships. The problem in such a case is that some religious people take what the Bible says to quite an extreme, and teach it unto others. (Common knowledge is that snakes bite, and you do not want to be bitten by a snake anyways.) They highly misinterpret the Bible. Those children, who desire to know God, actually do survive because it’s their destiny to become Christians. Again, the Bible does say that anyone who is willing to follow Christ will be treated harshly. It also says that there are people who claim to be Christians, yet are not.
          Yes, being harm does bring out the good in us. It makes us more compassionate and sympathetic towards others. And for a Christian, it also draws us closer to Christ.

  83. arkenaten says:

    I know what you are aiming for here.

    Then please enlighten me?
    What exactly is it that I am ”aiming for”?

  84. Merry Christmas Ed. Even though times a slim, I still pray for you to have a Christ-filled and joy-filled Christmas. Lord willing, see you in 2016.
    Bill (cycleguy) recently posted…MIAMy Profile

  85. Lisa notes says:

    Praying for you to get through this first Christmas okay without your Mom or Dad. That happened with me in 2010. My dad died on Valentine’s Day of that year with cancer; my mom died in September from Alzheimer’s. It wasn’t a very *merry* Christmas that December, but at least I knew they were both in total peace. That counts for something, even though it doesn’t take away our own feelings of missing them. ๐Ÿ™ Blessings to you, Ed.

  86. Betty Draper says:

    Merry Christmas Ed,
    Betty Draper recently posted…Bring an umbrellaMy Profile

  87. Betty Draper says:

    Great post brother, truth in every word.
    Betty Draper recently posted…A Greater Purpose Then HappinessMy Profile

  88. IMHO it is not for the follower of Christ to live in fear of hell. I live to please the Father knowing I will sin but also knowing I will be a recipient of grace and forgiveness. Not making it to heaven never crosses my mind any more because of assurance of salvation which comes through the shed blood of Jesus and the grace He shows.
    Bill (cycleguy) recently posted…Beholding is BecomingMy Profile

    • Eddy Damas says:

      Good points there Bill. And something I am reminded of daily thanks to people like you. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Maybe it’s on my mind because this world does seem to be perishing at an alarming rate…

  89. We (the church I pastor) is not perfect but we are trying to reach people with food and help. It is hard since many of them want to remain anonymous.
    Bill (cycleguy) recently posted…RunningMy Profile

    • Eddy Damas says:

      You mean the people want to stay anonymous, or the church? If you are doing what the Lord wants you to do then that’s what the church is all about.

  90. No argument here. I am sick of this whole garbage. What makes it doubly sad is the lack of discernment so-called followers of Christ show in embracing these hucksters and shysters. Run. Run. Run as far away as possible and as quickly as you can!! Those are my words of “prophecy” for today.
    Bill (cycleguy) recently posted…Envy?My Profile

  91. Betty Draper says:

    Your post made me want to wave my hankie with a shout, preach it, preach it, preach it. Great post.

  92. For me that dance with the devil is a “two left feet dance.” he wants my cooperation; I sometimes don’t put up much of a struggle; but we still aren’t in sync. Sin is enticing. Sin is beautiful. Until it is uncovered. While I might be “dancing” with the devil, I am praying my heart yearns for my real lover and dance partner.
    Bill (cycleguy) recently posted…LoveMy Profile

  93. Betty Draper says:

    I just wrote along these lines brother. I am never surprised when I sin for I know until I am always surprised though how long it takes me to recover from it. How hard it is to think more on how God thinks of me than others. Thank God, the one things that brings me out of the pit is knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt He loves me even when I sin and forgives me. He committed to love me in spite of my sinning heart at times. Good post.
    Betty Draper recently posted…Hindrance…My Profile

  94. floyd says:

    Whew! I’ve never seen you go off like this!

    I have to agree with you that the majority of the churches seem to have turned the other cheek to so the decisive role of the Bible and church.

    I also agree that the main stream media seem to have more interest in pushing the alternative lifestyle than bringing “tolerance” to our world. No one can deny their lack of tolerance for Christians and what we’re supposed to represent.

    I’m all about equal rights… for the soul and body the way God brought it into this world; hair and eye color etc., but when and how does that translate to the actions taken in the body and mind?
    floyd recently posted…WINDOW SHOPPINGMy Profile

    • Eddy Damas says:

      I think the how and when is found in the pages of the Bible…and when we sit down and actually read the bible and start calling sin for what it is!

  95. floyd says:

    A lot of valid points here, Ed. I think what we’re seeing in the church is the awakening to the fact that the church was so legalistic without showing the true love of Christ that it is now bending over backwards to show the other side.

    That balance, like your analogy of the thin brick wall, is something only God Himself can help us navigate.
    floyd recently posted…LITTLE THINGSMy Profile

  96. floyd says:

    Well I can’t argue with the fact that many churches aren’t doing the will of our Father. I think there are miracles, we just won’t see them on TV while the guy doing the pushing is getting filthy rich.

    Christ said that the poor we’d always have with us. I might have to look at that definition of “poor” is. My guess is that it encompasses the sick as well.

    The fact that you have the heart of our Father is a good thing. There’s always a Good side to seeing the bad, brother.
    floyd recently posted…ALL IS NOT LOSTMy Profile

  97. There is no doubt in my mind abuse can be overcome. I have seen it. It takes work. Long hard hours of sweat and pain but it can happen. Praying for your better health Ed.

  98. Betty Draper says:

    Ed, this was a good read for me today because it builds on the bible study I teach. There are ladies in this group who are getting freedom from the pain and woulds abused can cause. My own life is pure testimony of the power of God’s Word working in my heart. I am no longer in bondage to any earthly person, I am a slave to the mender of broken hearts. It has been dark at times as things begin to come out of me that were a result of the abuse. I so did not want to be a walking bleeding Christian so I went on a seeking help through Godly people. As for meds I suffer from anxiety and depression that are a result of sometimes constant stress that life brings. I take Zanex occassionially when the anxiety gets bad, but not daily at this point. In the last year I have gotten into some supplements that have been a huge help. But even with all that, I still have times when my nerves are torn to shreds. It has got worst since I got older, and of course my health has got worst. I am looking to a future knee replacement since and I ask myself what do I expect from it. After talking to an honest doctor, I do not expect it to make my knee painless, I am 69 so I am shooting for the 65 year old pain.. Due to my fibermyagia I will experience more complication afterwards. So he suggested I put it off till I could not walk and for now get some injections and take anti -inflammatory med when especially when we travel. Believe it or not I was not depressed when I left his office because my expectatioin was not high at my age. There is no going back to a much better body, gravity has taken a toll, I have shrunk a 31/2 inches due to aging. I will pray for you brother, it’s hard to find a med to help the anxiety and depression with out side affect, I expect to live with it till I see Jesus face to face. It helps a lot to have people that are supportive and pray for me. This was a very honest post, so many will not even admit they suffer with these ailments so others surrounding them suffer more.

  99. floyd says:

    Great points about the many facets of what can be abused. All of us are broken in one way or another. I share some of your traits too. Praying for you, brother. I always appreciate your honesty about subjects and yourself.
    floyd recently posted…SOMEONE IN THEIR PLACEMy Profile

  100. Lisa notes says:

    Praying that you have felt better since you wrote this post, Ed. Dealing with physical and/or mental/emotional struggles is so difficult. I love that you included this: โ€œAs a Christian, we can even abuse the Word of God to an extent.โ€ Youโ€™re so right. May we all lean on Godโ€™s grace instead of our doctrinal beliefs. The living, breathing Savior is our healer. May we all receive more and more healing as time goes by.

  101. Betty Draper says:

    Wow, gonna send this my daughter who is dealing with a young women who is gay and she talks judgement from others all the time. It’s her way of not dealing with her issues. Good post brother.

  102. Betty Draper says:

    The last paragraph brought tears to my eyes. To know each trial and struggle to live for Him here on earth is not a waste, they are heating up the fire to burn some dross off of me so I can shine for Him. Well written and profoundly moving brother.

  103. My moniker is “live the adventure.” Life is that to me…with all its ups and downs. But I also have a band which says, “I NEVER GIVE UP!” That is as it should be for all of us.
    Bill (cycleguy) recently posted…UpdateMy Profile

    • Eddy Damas says:

      I love that thought Bill. There are two many things in life that cause us to learn and grow. One of them is definitely our relationship with Christ. Jacob certainly had his adventure and even fought with God until God blessed him!

  104. Betty Draper says:

    I love the response of Brian Shaw, love it. My son is a cross fit coach and he practice exactly what he coaches. I am so proud of him for sticking with it in order to be more healthy. I have given up on exercise so many times but after a period of time I get right back into it. Today I am joining the YMCA so I can walk in their pool in obedience to the doctor orders. Seem my old knee needs replaced in order for me to continue to walk better. Pain is my motivation for getting back into physical exercises. I do admire those who give it all to gain strength to win the honor of being the best. I feel the same way about perseverance here on this earth for the sake of the cross. Good post brother.
    Betty Draper recently posted…Get up, try again…My Profile

  105. floyd says:

    You’re not alone, Ed. I mostly keep my mouth shut, ’cause as soon as I turn it loose, there’s no reeling it in until someone is hurt. I guess we’re in pretty good company with Peter, good call.

    But the heart is thereโ€ฆ despite the sting of correction…

  106. You were never clear Ed. Is she dying? or is she just in the hospital? Either case just being there is a big help and encouragement to her.
    Bill (cycleguy) recently posted…PerseveranceMy Profile

    • Eddy Damas says:

      Just in the hospital, they gave her leave the very next day. You’re so right Bill, I think encouragement in the form of being there for someone who is sick is a ray of light!

  107. Betty Draper says:

    This is touch my heart Ed, being alone is so hard when illness strikes. Bless you brother for taking the time to go see her. We tend to think in quantity when it comes to time but sometimes it’s the quality that helps a person.
    Betty Draper recently posted…. People PleasingMy Profile

  108. Betty Draper says:

    My thoughts is this is one of the best post I have read on our next holiday that has turned into a huge money making business for those who own businesses. You must be a research person for it shows in this post. I think my concern is that with the false hood of evil being presented in the media, businesses that children will grow up not being able to discern evil. In fact it will adults that help them not even want discernment. I have encountered evil more times then I like to count and it’s a different feeling then being scared by witches, ghosts, etc. It is darkness meeting light when a Christian encounters evil. The Spirit of God inside says, flee, even if it’s just the appearance of evil. Most people think because we have lived in a couple third world countries that we have encountered evil there. And, yes we have, but usually in the places we have lived it’s not dressed up in it’s finest clothes, or killing then putting chicken blood on the post of their houses to ward off the evil spirits. No, here in America they usually look just like me or you brother. They make speeches on TV as all the world watches them and then claps for them, gives them money to make more speeches. But evil lives in so many homes, works regular jobs, goes to church even. People ask me all the time was I afraid in the two countries we lived in and I must admit, yep, a couple of times. But I fear more here, in good old developed USA, I fear that family member who could be thinking evil thoughts about one of my grandchildren. Or the one at church who works with the children. That kind of evil is so good at masking themselves as one of us. God has given me an over whelming sense of discernment a couple of times when evil was near, not in the jungles of a foreign country but right here in America. He constantly reminds me to learn to discern just as those who are taught to know the real money from counterfeit money. You must handle it a lot, really study it, look for it, be aware the counterfeit is right there withe the real. Handling, studying, knowing, seeking the Word of God is the best way to know evil when you come upon it. Thank you brother for this great post , a good reminder for this time of the year, for any time.
    Betty Draper recently posted…Reachable // New Tribes MissionMy Profile

  109. I hate politics! I have not watched nor will i watch any of the debates. In fact, I believe they are finally over. Yippee skippee! I know whom I will NOT vote for. I just don’t know if I want to pull the trigger on the other one. I look forward to the eternal kingdom.
    Bill (cycleguy) recently posted…12My Profile

    • Eddy Damas says:

      Yes they are! I hate it when someone who has different ideas and viewpoints viciously attack other people. I only watched the last debate myself. They both have some good ideas and some bad ones as well…

  110. Betty Draper says:

    My brother who is a twin has gout in his knees, feet, etc and he sometimes is down for a week or two. Usually he gets an injection but it takes time for the pain to subside. My uncle had it so I think it must run in our family. It is amazing the things God teaches us when we are down. I don’t think God causes the gout but it’s a result of the fallen state of our bodies, goes with the fall. But this I do believe God ‘s part is to teach us about Him through our suffering, no matter where it comes from. Will be praying for you.

  111. floyd says:

    I agree, we all have obsessions to one degree or another. Our hope is to pick the things that lead to peace within, studying God’s word comes to mind. But you’re right; we have the strength within us to put them behind us because we have Him in us.
    floyd recently posted…SEVEN DAYS OF SOUL CAREMy Profile

  112. floyd says:

    Action indeed. That’s where the rubber meets the road! It’s easy to talk about things that need to be done or appoint others to do it, but to roll up your sleeves and wade in is the mark of God.

    He is about action as was Christ.

    I also think you hit on something very overlooked; humility. That might be the most beautiful trait a person can have in this flesh.
    floyd recently posted…DANCING ON THE RAGGED EDGE OF CRAZYMy Profile

  113. Betty Draper says:

    I do have a smart phone which I hardly ever text with or look stuff up with which irritates all my friends who live with their phone as you say stuck to their fingers. My husband keeps threatening to get me an old fashioned flip phone and to him I say, do it. I know he got it for me so I would be safer in this world, I get that. But if I forget it, let it run out of power, forget my recharge cord, how safe if that. This post hit a nerve with me as you can tell. Fight it brother, stay simple.

  114. Betty Draper says:

    Well said brother, well said…
    Betty Draper recently posted…Yucky duck or yea duckMy Profile

  115. floyd says:

    Good point on the healing process. Things usually do get worse before they get better. And And I also like the point about someone else is always in a tougher spot than we are.

    I had back surgery this morning and today and the next few are gonna be tough! I’ve been down this road enough times to know, but I’m thankful of living in a place I can get it healed. That too is the grace of God.
    floyd recently posted…PLASTIC COMBSMy Profile

  116. floyd says:

    It’s a tough habit. Glad I never had that one. Wish my parents would have known then what we know now…
    floyd recently posted…BOBMy Profile

    • Eddy Damas says:

      Yes it is, and sometimes our flesh does get in the way of successfully kicking that habit. Both my parents smoked, but I believe my dad went through the ordeal of kicking the habit many years before he passed away.

  117. I agree. It is stuff like that discredits us. I’m glad he exposed the garbage people are so ready to jump on the bandwagon for.
    Bill (cycleguy) recently posted…MessyMy Profile

  118. Betty Draper says:

    Had not read this or heard this or want to read or hear this. The enemy will use any Christian to get another Christian eyes off the Lord and have them looking for 6666666666. I try to never get caught up in on purpose looking for the enemy because then I miss the ones that are oblivious .
    Betty Draper recently posted…Fear and an RVMy Profile

  119. floyd says:

    I think sleep apnea is a big deal! The time you don’t breath you don’t get oxygen to your blood and when it sits it can cause clots and you know what happens then!

    Good for you for getting it done. And for pushing yourself at the gym. Less is not more in that scenario!

    Praying for your successful surgery, quick healing, and for a calmness that only comes from Above.
    floyd recently posted…TONGUE TWISTERMy Profile

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