Get Smart

Posted by Eddy Damas
Feb 01 2017

In a word…I don’t have a smart phone. Other than perhaps the built in video camera, the built in photographic camera, an alarm clock, and the phone calling feature, and the convenience of a GPS I don’t see the necessity of owning one. I see so many people actually stuck to their smart phones that they are constantly unaware of what’s going on around them.

I was with a group of friends once. We all were in the movie theater waiting for the movie to start. But it was really quiet (the seven of us were the only ones in the theater.) Nobody was talking. I made a joke about something, and everyone laughed. But then it fell silent again.

The situation reminded me of a marriage where the husband and wife never spoke a word to each other. It was really sad. The worst part of it was, everyone that was right next to each other, were basically texting each other. I thought that God must have gotten evolution all wrong. Perhaps one day it will work out that a couple million or so babies are born with no mouths, and with built-in smart phones in place of fingers.

I have a simple phone…only the cel phone itself, plus the ability for non-internet related texting. I don’t text much on it, if at all. If you call me, I will answer it and speak to you with my own voice. If you don’t call me then chances are that you were there in that movie theater.

Yeah, I also don’t have a $50.00 a month phone bill for things I don’t do with my smart phone.

Answer the call of those around you today. Those that aren’t there can wait…

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  1. Betty Draper says:

    I do have a smart phone which I hardly ever text with or look stuff up with which irritates all my friends who live with their phone as you say stuck to their fingers. My husband keeps threatening to get me an old fashioned flip phone and to him I say, do it. I know he got it for me so I would be safer in this world, I get that. But if I forget it, let it run out of power, forget my recharge cord, how safe if that. This post hit a nerve with me as you can tell. Fight it brother, stay simple.

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