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Bad Moon Rising, or just another Black Moon?

Christian Living, Something Different | Posted by Eddy Damas
Sep 30 2016

The skies of the Western Hemisphere are set for a “black Moon” on Friday night. Fortunately, you can put away the tin foil hats and stop repenting your sins. Despite some of the headlines, it doesn’t mean the second coming of a messiah or an ensuing apocalypse.

It does, however, mean a rare astronomical event that only happens roughly every 32 months.

A black Moon is the name given to the second new Moon in a calendar month. A new Moon is the first phase of the 29.53-day lunar cycle as the Moon orbits Earth. At this phase of the cycle, the Moon is invisible to the naked eye as its illuminated side faces away from Earth and towards the Sun, meaning it’s shrouded in darkness (and thus hard to see).

The black Moon will officially take place on Friday 30 September at 8.11pm EST (5.11pm PST) in the Western Hemisphere. For those in the Eastern Hemisphere (Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australasia) on the other side of the globe, the black Moon will arrive just in time for Halloween on October 30, or October 31 for the eastern-most regions.

As a side note, a blue Moon is when a full Moon occurs twice in a calendar month, according to the newer “non-traditional” definition. It doesn’t literally mean the Moon is blue. As NASA explains, “Squeezing a second full Moon into a calendar month doesn’t change its color.”

Simply, a black Moon just means the Moon appears almost invisible in the sky for the second time in a calendar month. It’s perhaps not the most dramatic of astronomical oddities, but at least it means there’s no apocalypse and you can keep your weekend plans.

Recall what I said in my opening paragraph? Christians shouldn’t be alarmed at the black moon at all, despite the fact that so many “pagan rituals” are performed because of it….nor because it just so happens to fall on Halloween. There will be nothing happening on Halloween other than the streets flooded with children seeking to fill their bags with candy.

A dark/black moon is a totally natural occurence that is dictated and initiated by the Creator of the Universe!

Besides, a maniac in a hockey mask only haunts the wooded areas.

And Christians aren’t supposed to be superstitious.

Old Friends

Encouragement | Posted by Eddy Damas
Sep 09 2016

My heart was aching as I entered the room. At first I did not recognize her. I thought I had entered the wrong room. But as the nurse gently woke her, her face turned towards me and I gazed upon my old friend. Time and circumstances had separated us, and yet here we were face to face once again. Truthfully I was expecting to see my old friend, the knockout Spanish brunette. But her hair had turned to the age of almost pure wisdom. Never mind…it was well deserved. We talked about how everything hits us when we hit the age of 50. She talked about her circumstances. All I could do was assure her that everything was going to be alright I assured her that I would always definitely be there for her. Even though I knew that she had other people to take care of her.

We grew up together even born in the same house. She on the top floor, and me on the bottom or was it the other way around? We thought…WOW 50 years! We made a deal to stay in touch. Who wouldn’t anyways? We live miles apart, but we are in the same town. I told her that I would always be there for her, come rain or shine. Afterwards I thought out loud: “Who am I to kid? I can’t even take care of myself at times!” She told me…we will find a way!

It’s funny. It’s also strange how God manifests His word, His love in our lives. I kept thinking about Adam and Eve, and how God made Adam a helpmate: “This is now bone of my bones…” I always thought that applied to married couples only. The way many pastors preach about it, it certainly sounds like it does. But then I thought: Marriage is first based on a friendship, then a deep relationship anyways. Whether people are married or not, God will always make sure we have a helpmate. After all, a man is never complete without a woman, and a woman is never complete without a man.

There goes the woman’s liberation movement!

I keed. I keed.

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