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He is The Way, He is the Truth, and He is the Life!

Christian Living, Encouragement | Posted by Eddy Damas
Aug 28 2016

And only He is!

Only Jesus could have fulfilled what needed to be fulfilled.

Only because no one else, at the time, had that face to face, Son to Father, Savior to Lord connection.

And no one else has had it since!

It’s because of Him that we have a clear path to heaven. Yes, the path is narrow, and if we stand on our end of the path it seems it only gets narrower.

This is why so many people give up. They hate the narrow way. It’s not very flexible, and there are not that many choices. It’s either black, or it is white!

This is why the Christian sets their heart on the path of righteousness. The world offers way too many choices, way too many forks in the road. There are doctrines out there that boggle the mind, and allows the mind to make up scenery that is not true.

Jesus was a simple man, with a simple message:
“Drop your nets, which you drag through the waters of life, picking up things that you would rather not desire. Leave them and follow me!”

Leave your troubles and worries at the foot of the cross. You don’t need them there.

All you need is Jesus! He is the Way, The Truth, and The Life!

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Please Stop The Killing! (My Stance on Abortion)

judging | Posted by Eddy Damas
Aug 18 2016

stop_the_killingLet me just say that I am not a political person. I do believe that abortion is severely wrong, and the women who go through with them just ain’t right in the head. Yes, to most people in the end it’s a quick, easy, and convenient.

But abortion is actually a response to being overly foolish. I understand that there are some extreme cases: like perhaps being sexually raped. You just can’t imagine that you would give birth to a baby in a situation like that.

But that’s not the real reason for having an abortion these days. The real reason is having sex without wanting a baby. Or having unprotected sex because it feels so much better.

For many women, and I can imagine couples, having a baby is a huge inconvenience. There’s just not enough time to take care of a baby with the daily demands of the job, or life itself.

So why even have sex in the first place? Or better yet, why not just snip it off, or close it down? After all, you know there is really not going to be a miracle baby born if you don’t have the “tools, bolts, and nuts.”

I’m well aware of the abortion statistics…and it’s sad. To me, and I hope I am not judging…that means that out of the 954,000 abortions taking place in 2014, 0 people had any brains to think that there are perhaps better alternatives…

like going through with the pregnancy and planning on giving up the baby for adoption.

Or perhaps dropping off the unwanted newborn infant to the nearest hospital.

This also leads me to think that people are getting really lazy! (No surprise there.)

For God’s sakes…there are mothers who deliberately either drown their babies in the toilet, or worse, dispose of them in the trash cans.

Really America??? Really?!!!!

That’s just plain sick! You don’t need an abortion clinic…you need a Psych Ward and a nice white leather jacket…with straps!

That’s my stance in a nutshell!

Abortion…it’s a choice. Abortion kills millions of lives daily. We need to stop killing precious lives. Both mothers and babies suffer.
Mothers suffer emotionally, mentally and physically.

If you know someone who is considering abortion.. please have them consider giving their baby up for adoption. Adoption is a blessing to many couples who cannot have children.



Perfect Imperfections/Birthing Pains

Christian Living, Encouragement | Posted by Eddy Damas
Aug 17 2016

What a case for hypocritical misguidance!.

'I won't dignify that statement with a response.'

‘I won’t dignify that statement with a response.’

We are taught, by Christ, to “be perfect!” I know in our rather young lives we have been anything but. Our whole lives are filled with mistakes. Stupid on-purpose mistakes, mistakes done in a moment of anger, mistakes of missed opportunities…family, friends.

It seems the list just keeps being added unto.

I believe the truth is that if we didn’t make any mistakes that we wouldn’t be in the here and now.

I’ve failed Christ in so many ways. I’m not alone. There have been times I should have spoken up, and even times when I should have shut it up. In every instance of those times, at least as a consequence of those times, I’ve walked away feeling very small.

There are things, or subjects that just do not interest me. Either because they never have, or I have lost the desire for them.

We aren’t meant to go with the flow for very long. We have my moments. Yes, as Christians we should be well aware that we should be instant in and out of season. But seasons do change, and there is always a season of renewal, maybe rebirth, and maybe even quiet times. But what do you do when your spirit is quiet in a season that it’s not supposed to be? What do you do when you only want peace in the middle of the fiercest of storms? I’m reminded of Jesus being asleep in the middle of the wicked ocean.

The truth is that sometimes you can’t rush the seasons. We don’t have access to a Flux-Capacitor Delorean. Our seasons are meant for us to grow, or to rest. The important thing is that while we are in a busy season, we stay busy. There is always a season for planting, for watering, and there is a season for growing. And it can be a sudden growth, or a painfully slow birth.

Just ask a mother who is travailing in birth…a baby being born sure seems like time slowing waaaay doooown!!!!!!

My weaknesses in the midst of people is being quiet and listening, and perhaps observing. I rarely talk. I’ve learned this through trial and error, because when I open my mouth, a tamed tongue is usually not in it. Yes, usually I open my mouth and something that people do not want to hear comes out. This causes me to lose my witness. I hate it, but as someone pointed out, that’s when the devil comes out. So it’s come down to the simple truth, we have a LOT to learn no matter how old we are!

Besides, I’ve learned that we can talk a lot…and in the end we say nothing at all.

But we have lessons to learn. One of those is that the strongest of lessons comes after a sudden, drastic lost. We either believe that we did everything right, or the opposite: we wonder where we went wrong.

I’m sure that Peter had one of those moments, in fact he had many. Jesus rebuked him at least two times, as well as rebuked the other disciples. Think about it: it wasn’t just about Peter. It was a testimony to the faith and perseverance of the other disciples as well. Yes, the disciples might well have been the Lord’s guinea pigs.
Hold on there…remember that guinea pigs are small, have hair, and are relatively cute…not like their abominable large cousins.

Though we never learn how strongly the Lord rebuked His disciples. It might have been in pure gentleness and full of love, considering that those disciples whom He did rebuke end up dying for, and in the Lord.

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends John 15:13

The Bible says that the Lord rebukes us out of love. Hebrews 12:6. But let me tell you, sometimes that rebuke holds fast for a couple of days, and actually makes you think because it stings like a scorpion. That’s a harsh lesson, and normally I would think that it would hurt. For example, a parent chastising their teenage child who’s done wrong. But that chastising sure keeps them out of jail!

So we are taught to be perfect by chastising, and chastising, even though it is a rather brief affair, can feel like forever. But we need it in order to stay out of trouble, and far away from it.

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