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Christian Living, Encouragement, judging | Posted by Eddy Damas
Jun 15 2016

How many times have you heard it?
Other variations…

“It’s not for us to judge!”
“Jesus said judge not!”
“You’re SOOO judgmental!”
“What people do behind closed doors is none of my business!”
“Grace covers all my sins – past, present and future!”
“Jesus sees me as perfect, so don’t condemn me!”

Well guess what?

All the above contradicts of what Scripture *actually* teaches.

But it is my personal observation that the people screaming “judge not!” really don’t know the Bible anyway.

“Judgment” has an ominous, sinister tone because the spiritually immature have made it sound like a cuss word.

Yet, judgment is absolutely essential – even desirable! – if we ever hope to see a world where evil is destroyed and goodness reigns.

Here’s the problem…

We live in a world system that reeks of tolerance and acceptance of every alternative lifestyle and preference.

If you don’t accept something, you get bullied into submission.

And, since the church system basically mirrors the world system, carnal Christians take on the same “anything goes” mentality – they just cover it up with some “don’t judge” whitewash that makes them look and sound oh-so-spiritual and loving and accepting and tolerant.

To all the “judge not” pseudo-believers, the Bible becomes a pesky little document that doesn’t really apply to them today.

I mean, what do you do with Noah and the Flood if you don’t believe in judgment?

How do you explain Sodom and Gomorrah?

The curses Israel suffered for disobeying the Law?

All the prophets who warned of God’s judgment on disobedient nations?

“That’s all Old Testament!”


What about how Jesus hammered the scribes and Pharisees in Matthew 23 when He called them blind fools and snakes who would not escape the damnation of hell?

Oh, and what about the Early Church?

Ever hear of Ananias and Sapphira? Look what happened when they lied to the Holy Ghost.

How about the “brother” in Corinth who had to be turned over to satan?

Ever read where it says, “Judge yourself so you won’t be judged?”

Or, “The spiritual man judges all things?”

And the Book of Revelation? We’ll have to get rid of it because it’s 99% wrath and judgment.

Here’s the thing.

God is merciful and forgiving but that’s not ALL He is.

God is also holy and righteous.

God executes righteous judgment, and calls upon us to do the same.

Instead of sticking our heads in the sand, instead of adopting the “don’t judge me” mindset of the world, let’s go to Scripture and see what God says about it!

BeyoncĂ© and the Bible…

Christian Living, judging | Posted by Eddy Damas
Jun 10 2016

Usually I don’t like to really offer my thoughts on music. This is perhaps because I love the art form. I realize how hard it must be from putting together a stage show…at least from a simple rock show point of view (Think old time Elvis, or maybe the Beach Boys, or even some of your local lounge acts, or even Megachurch worship).

Admittedly at a very young age I was blown away by Gene Simmon’s Kiss. Now those guys with the leather, face paint, and fire breathing, fireworks show know how to put on a show. I still am a big fan of their music and showmanship.
KissI realize they have some rebellious lyrics, maybe some self-centered ones as well. Anyone who has caught long tongued Gene Simmons on the news/media knows how outspoken he is…and he makes no apologies about it.

Simmons is reportedly an Israeli Jew. Whether he cherishes his religion I do not know. Most people keep their faith strong, but silent. Sometimes it’s better that way I guess. You have faith in God, but you know you are a hypocrite as well….so…..

There was a time when I listened to one of their lyrics, and it caused me to really listen. What I heard wasn’t good, but it also wasn’t far from the truth. Let’s just say at that time, I was turned off by rock and roll in general. I started listening to Christian music (More Donna Summers…if you can imagine)…

What want to get to is the fact that as bad as the music was…the music that follows this band today is way more perverse. We have the ill-fated Rap music that berates women and glorifies guns and drugs and violence in general. We now have music that glorifies either satan, or the performer themselves.

People seem, in general, to soak up the performances. Remember back in the 60s when John Lennon stated that “the Beatles are more popular than Jesus!” Everyone turned right around and started burning all the Beatles records.

Well now it looks like Beyonce has turned right around and made her own statement…
She says in her lyrics she rolled up Bible pages to soak up her menstruation.
Now as a Christian, I am offended…but I’ve come to expect that kind of attitude from someone as desperate for attention as she appears to be. Perhaps she wants to cast some shock value to her audience, or the world. But of course I don’t know BeyoncĂ© on a personal level.

Her followers seem to be mesmerized. The Christians, are again…silent. See my last post. But it’s not unusual really. Somehow you can’t really say anything against something that you don’t follow. I don’t follow the political scene..I see it as a real charade that I want nothing to do with.

However, here’s my dilemma as sort…I don’t follow satan either. Not a fan…but evil makes it’s presence well known…so I have no excuse as a Christian but to “expose sin.”

Yes, someone using the pages of the Bible as a tampon infuriate me. But it’s their soul. They can mock God all they want…they can take it to the next level, as BeyoncĂ© did. But although the modern day Christian is admittedly shocked and angered by these acts, God knew this was coming.

I wonder what is the Christian response to the overall evil in the world today? We can warn one another out of brotherly love, we can avoid, even boycott some of these acts. But we will never truly get away from all of it. Or we can lift our voices to the Lord and ask “How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?

Back in the Old Testament, such vile acts were dealt with quickly and rather harshly, but with the Lord’s righteousness. Even Ananias and Sapphira were quickly dealt with when they lied to and basically blasphemed the Holy Spirit

Lion’s Roar, Lion’s Pride, Roman Candles

Christian Living, Encouragement | Posted by Eddy Damas
Jun 09 2016

I’ve seen a lot of things in the past 50 years of my life.

I can sort of remember my first exposure to dad attempting to cover my eyes at the rather brief nude scene in Saturday Night Fever (when it was shown at the theaters).

Then there were the magazines. Then the time I turned 21 and boldly walked into an adult bookstore…and many other times and situations.

Of course, these were just self-observations from the whacked out sex drive of puberty/young age.

Thankfully I’ve moved on and tried my best to avoid these old temptations. But unfortunately when it comes to Pornography, a glimpse is all it took. One rather bad adult film…I think it was on HBO before cable…or maybe a video tape…I can’t recall…anyways unfortunately that image is still burned into my brain, and it’s been there over 35 years now.

All men have been there. All Christian, godly men have (hopefully) been convicted by their past association of lust, porn, nakedness…at the moment I just can’t recall everything. But you know what I’m talking about. It’s like your first time in the candy store, and you’ve got the cash to indulge….

Both Adam and Eve took one bite of the apple…and that was that.

I’m not proud of what I experienced, what I went through. As I’ve said, the images are burned into my mind. If I am not careful, and let my guard down, the images tend to overtake me.

Thankfully, that hasn’t been too much of an issue. While I still retain the images, they don’t have the effect on me that they used to. Call it a miracle…maybe even being older, and no longer seeking or desiring these things…

But as I look upon the world today, my spirit grieves for the young ones.  Since the Lord has apparently delayed His return, the wickedness has only grown stronger. Not just the pornography…but everyone doing what they please: pleasing themselves, and not thinking about the consequences.

People transforming themselves into someone they are not. Michael is now Michelle, and the Snakeman now has his forked tongue. Men chasing men –  women chasing women…and the bulls-eye is now on the public restrooms.

If we continue to “advance” at this rate, homosexuality will be the least of our concerns.

There is such a need today for the street corner ministries of the Spirit of John the Baptist. Yet the many so-called Christians are silent. The only ones that are screaming repentance seems to be the few Pastors behind the church walls that are walking the straight and narrow. If there are any evangelists out there, or rather the few that they are, they aren’t preaching the same style that John did. They seem bent on the friendship evangelism.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with friendship evangelism, many souls have been saved through it. But it wasn’t the friendship of a Christian that saved us in the first place, it was the love and directness of the Christian confronting our sins.

Sadly, it does seem like no one cares anymore. You can hardly spot a Christian in a crowded room anymore.

But sometimes, and these are definitely the times, you have to go hard. You have to stand up, and stand out.

Sin and apostasy is taking over the face of the land. It’s a cancer that is wide spreading, and unlikely to die. Doctors that should be aware of the situation are seemingly pocketing the money, and keep telling the patient that everything is going ok. All the while, the patient is dying, giving the doctor everything they have left all for those precious moments of the last days of their lives!

I keep reminding myself when Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras comes around that it CAN, and most likely WILL get a lot worse, but not that much worse. After all, God will wink at sin for a time. But time has a way of expiring. And after that, God’s wrath is coming…and if we are not lit up like a perpetual Roman Candle…chances are He won’t see us as children of the Most High!

Our world is slowly dying at an increasing rate, and the Christian, who shakes their heads at what they see are keeping silent.

The Lion of Judah will soon roar. And all people, and every living thing will shake in fear. The Lion’s Pride will answer His roar, but how many will there be? The young cubs need to find the strength in themselves to answer back, otherwise, the Lion, who will come in the night will not be able to tell who is who.

Will you be part of the Lion’s Pride, or will you be the Lion’s feast?

* I know I may be harsh in my approach on the Christian Living, Christian Evangelism. I’ve been warned that I am to harsh in my rebuke of the body of Christ concerning evangelism. But just look around at our world, and the master of the air, and consider that I am just a voice in the wilderness, crying out to make the Lord’s path straight!

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