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The High Wire

Christian Living, Encouragement | Posted by Eddy Damas
Nov 30 2015



While we may find our daily lives is a balancing act, our Spiritual life are also a balancing act.

Or at least it should be.

On my last post I mentioned “There has to be an even level approach to preaching/ministering the Word of God” While I was refering to ministering both sides of the Gospel: Repentance and Grace, I also believe that we need to extent that idea in our relationship to the body of believers.

Simply put: we may not always need to deal with all Christians/all people the same way.

Just because one doesn’t believe in a harsh approach to ministering the Gospel doesn’t make them the enemy. Just because someone doesn’t believe in a softer approach to ministering the Gospel doesn’t make them the enemy either.

If we learn to listen, we may actually hear that soft-spoken preacher deliver a scorching message on repentance.
If we learn to listen. we may actually hear that so offensive preacher deliver a heart-warming, soul saving message.

If we learn to listen.
If we learn to understand.

While I don’t believe in always sugar sweet Gospel, according to the reality of the crucifixion of the Lamb of God,  I do believe in the Fathers’ love for both the lost and found. You know, because our relationship with Jesus is like that: He’s happy when you are on the straight and narrow.

Yet when you start slipping and sliding  He can get get really stern real quick.

Continue to slide, past the slipping point, and He will start to enforce the laws in a harsh manner.

That’s the point I am afraid is not being preached from the Pulpit.

Truthfully, although a harsh word is so dearly needed in light of the circumstances of the world today, what we really need is a preacher that can go from zero to 120 mph in under 5 seconds.

Remember, you are preaching to a body that needs a harsh rebuke at times, yet a loving word continually.

The Lord doesn’t always rebuke. He does call out for His Bride to come home to Him!

Lean 100% all of the time towards the left or right, and you are NOT going to please God. You cannot run the same circle when God has called you to the straight and narrow.

God is still the Judge, depending on your relationship with Him, He is also the jury and the executioner.


Yeah, Jesus is your lawyer, but still…have you ever seen a lawyer defeat the Law?

Sometimes mercy has to give place to the law. They work hand in hand, like a balancing act.

Always remember what brought you to the Lord: His mercy.
Always remember what kept you in line: His wrath.

So if one Christian comes singing God’s mercies, that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t know, or don’t care about His wrath.

If another Christian comes preaching Hell’s fire, that doesn’t mean they don’t know, or don’t care about His mercies.

God’s wrath is actually very potent, it will definitely consume you.

But it doesn’t last forever.

His love, however, is everlasting. Forever and ever!!!!

There are two sides to the same God.

Which side are you on?

I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last. Revelation 22:13

Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son. 2 John 1:9

Differing weights are an abomination to the LORD, And a false scale is not good. Proverbs 20:23

Christian Vs. Atheism

Christian Living, Encouragement, judging | Posted by Eddy Damas
Nov 29 2015

This morning this really jumped out to me.

Normally it doesn’t bother me that someone doesn’t believe. I know from the Bible, as well as from what I witnessed in my own life, that some just don’t believe in God..or gods. So it doesn’t take my by surprize.

At the time of my backslidden state, I knew there was a God, I knew that Jesus died for me. However, even though I knew, I did not believe!!!

I read the words of the Bible, but I didn’t read them with understanding. I had a desire to know God, but I didn’t have the understanding to follow God.

Even after all my years after my prodigal journey, and all I have seen, God is still a mystery to me. And that’s the common core between Christians and Atheist. There are some things that are unexplainable.

I can’t pretend to know the heart of an atheist. But I do know that sometimes we get to a point in our lives where we question God, and since God doesn’t answer, then we stop listening. Period.

Then there are the atheists who don’t stop listening..completely. Or do they?

Seems like when it comes to God we have a black and white view. We either do, or we don’t. I know many Christians, who do believe, who either do or don’t. But then we do get into a middle-of-the-road lukewarm kind of faith.

I would never attack someone who doesn’t believe. I would never argue with them. Because it’s simply not up to me to change their minds. I believe it’s God’s job to do that.

Does that mean that I won’t witness to them?


It seems a lot of atheist attack Christianity and Christians. But I always ask myself the same question: How can you defend or rather attack something that you don’t believe in? Obviously if you don’t believe in God, then it makes no sense to attack Christians.
If a person suffers from arachnophobia, you can’t be afraid of a spider that isn’t there!

I believe the bottom line is that atheists are afraid. They are afraid because they know they are guilty of doing the direct opposite of what God would have them do. So instead they try to “outsmart” God by coming up with various ideas of how He doesn’t exist.

That’s fine, a lot of different kinds of people do that.
But what if….what if at the end of your life…
when you believe that your soul just floats into nonethingness…
It encounters something.
Something that you always claimed never existed.
And you found out all along that you mocked Him…
You laughed at the sillyness of Him.
You denied that His Son was crucified for your sins?

What if the words of the Bible, which you never took seriously, actually rang very seriously indeed?
Because friend, at the end of your life, there is no reset, no do-over.
Life is very straight and narrow but twisting roads will lead you nowhere.

Then maybe the thought of a Book of Life, with rules and regulations, didn’t sound so bad after all. Maybe those Christians, whom you probably will finally hear praising God, won’t be as crazy as you thought them to be.

Just a thought…



Christian Living, Encouragement | Posted by Eddy Damas
Nov 29 2015

Sometimes when a person is called into the ministry they often forget that they are not alone. I know that sometimes it may feel you are alone. But just as the Lord has said that He will send His Comforter, the Holy Spirit, the Lord also has other Christians that are also in the same ministry as you are. One of my many past times is learning how to play the guitar. I’ve learned through the years that each finger on my fretting hand (the one that slides up and down on the guitar) has its own strength. Sometimes my pinky doesn’t really do a good job of holding the string down to play a clear note.  Sometimes I can’t use all the fingers on my hand to play a good, clear sounding chord. What I am trying to say is that sometimes a ministry is only as good as it’s parts. We can’t really maintain a ministry for the Lord if all our parts aren’t there to help each other out. Think of ministry as being a rock band (or a country band, or blues, etc.) While the guitar or singer might sound good alone, it’s the coming together of the various musicians that really make a song “POP!”

I don’t actually believe that we should go into a ministry by ourselves. While I do believe that one voice (man, woman, or child) can make a difference, I strongly believe that two or more, united, can make a stronger difference. For example: right now in the world, there seems to be a great choir of  evangelists. They all seem to be doing the same job. Which is good, there’s nothing like being on the same page. But God did award each one of us with a different ministry. And one evangelist might not do it the same way another evangelist does. One evangelist may find a gentler way of delivering the Gospel, another may find that his or her calling is to deliver the Gospel a harsher way. Stepping away from all the music, my  point is that both are doing the same thing. There are evangelists out there who just don’t have the gift of a harsh delivery. I’ve seen the Gospel of Jesus Christ delivered very well on both ends of the spectrum. I have also seen the Gospel of Jesus Christ abused on both end of the same spectrum. There’s often a mix of people in the church. I hate to say it, but many of those people aren’t singing the same tune. There are Christians that aren’t going through some of the harsh trials that others are. Some are just starting their walk with Jesus. so although they need to hear the same message, they don’t need the same delivery as the more mature Christians do.

There has to be an even level approach to preaching/ministering the Word of God. Jesus himself was harsh with the Pharisees, and yet tender (but stern) with the adulteress woman. I’ve seen it too many times coming from both the pastors of the church, and the flock as well. They are always one sided. You can’t always preach a gospel of peace, and you can’t always preach a gospel of Hells fire. Why? Because you will face an early ministry burn out. Jesus wants your light to always shine, right? But if you preach a syrupy gospel, pretty soon you’re going to put your sheep to sleep. If you always preach a white hot gospel, you will end up with an empty church.

Balance is needed. Balance is required.

No offense….

Christian Living, judging | Posted by Eddy Damas
Nov 23 2015

The act of being non-offensive.
In reality this is nothing but a scam.
The same people who came up with this claim to be Christians…
They claim to be THE light in the world…
a light that shines on Jesus
They believe in the Messiah..
at least the part that is coming to save them
But they hold their heads up,
seemingly higher than the truth.
The truth that Jesus no longer comes as a Lamb
But as a roaring lion.
The Political Correct are the devil’s device
Claiming to be friendly,
yet when you approach them
You better think twice
They claim to be loving to everyone,
Yet to their own delight
Will rend and tear a prophet of God

If you are a Christian on the straight and narrow
And you come across the Political Correct.
They will snarl at you saying YOU are incorrect:
God doesn’t damn people to hell
Just because they do something
You say is incorrect

They are the ones who pick and choose
The best part of God’s Word.
Thinking that God’s old ways will guarantee them heaven
You cannot please God one out of seven.
Never believe the false preaching
That one day of resting in Him
Will cover up a multitude of sins.

No, the way to God’s heart is doing His will
Every single day.
Seeking God’s face
Preaching God’s full word.
Both the good and the bad
This way People will see
Both sides of God
The side that shows the loving Father
And the side that shows a Vengeful God.
Is not “Vengeance is mine saith the Lord”
A part of God’s Holy Word?
Yet they overdo mercy
So that vengeance can’t be heard
For vengeance does come
As a double-edged sword

These people
They look both to the left and the right
Fearing the look ahead
For God’s word
Is straight and narrow
It’s both black and it is white
Turn the page
There is more
You see God’s Holy Word
Can’t be measured
It can’t be contained
It is a loud roar
It crosses over the lush jungle
Over the barren desert
Down to the depths of the sea
To the highest mountain
It enters into the heart of man
It is accepted
But you will never reject it

God won’t be ignored!

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