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No Mo Say No Mo (aka Prisoner of Love)

Christian Living, Encouragement | Posted by Eddy Damas
Oct 15 2015

(A continuation of sorts on my previous post here )


What did all four men have in common?

Although they all could have, they had no say in the matter.

Each was called to a specific task. A terrible road…one filled with rocks, boulders, thorns, and bristle.

Each one, in his own right, at one point, did not want to be on the road.

The road was easy for each of them at first, they had luxuries. A nice bed, nice clothes, the freedom to go this and where…

But each one, later on down the road, soon found themselves imprisoned and shackled for their faith.

Except for Moses…You can’t, and don’t you dare put a man who can divide the ocean simply by raising his hands in prison.

“Hands Up Moses!”
“You’re sure about that?”
“Hands Up Moses!”

Humor there….

I’m convinced that many of us who are chosen, before even being called out by God, have a unique position in life. The road is simply not taking us where we want to go. Or if it is, it’s really not up to our expectations.

At first, like Moses, we aren’t sure where we are going. Like David, it soon develops, and has it’s time, in a very prosperous position. Like Jesus, we are in total control and authority. Like Paul, we end up a prisoner of our own destiny.

The upcoming holiday season will bring us the lore of “The three wise men”. Although not directly named in the Bible, these were nothing but poor shepherds, notorious for being scavengers and thieves. There one worth? They followed a Star to find a baby in a manger.

Likewise, the parents of that baby, were called to a life that…many of us would probably dare to dream of, but none of us would undertake willingly.

In all cases, it’s simply a matter of trusting God to our full extent. It’s not a matter, and never has been, one of where we see a sign and we choose to follow that sign.

We have to follow that sign, we need to follow that sign.

If that sign says “Straight and Narrow” Then we take the straight and narrow.
If it says “WATCH FOR FALLING ROCKS” we do likewise.
If it says “Detour” Then we hit the gas and plow straight through..

I don’t recommend doing that last one. It will probably hurt.

By now you probably see, and know, where I am going with this. Most of us will probably live a carefree life at first, I think Floyd wrote about this somewhere… But life, as we are called, is not, nor never has been, meant to be easy. For some of us, cruizin’ is fun at first, even a given, but soon we find ourselves trading in our motorbikes for a Ferrari for a 4 Wheeler.
bike488 SpiderToy_truck_in_mud_hole

(I know you’ve always wanted a Four Wheeler like that 🙂 )

When we choose Christ, even before He choose us, we were already shackled with the circumstances in this precious life. The sad thing is that many of us just don’t understand the hardships we face. We ask “Why me?” The truth is that we shouldn’t ask, but we should accept that things won’t go easy for us…

It’s different for many of us…we could face lifelong financial hardships, we could face a life long with disappointments, we could face…lifelong relationship problems. Or we could face a multitude of problems.

But we will find that Star we follow, the Star that leads us, and has guided us throughout our lives, the one thing that has never changed position, or direction, is so worth it!


No es Facil!

Christian Living, Encouragement | Posted by Eddy Damas
Oct 04 2015


That’s Spanish for “It isn’t easy!”

How very true in a time such as this. A very good friend of mine, in fact my sister, told me going into the season that my mother got sick that it would be the hardest season of my Christian life.

What she failed to tell me was that the season would extend well beyond my mother’s kingdom homecoming. I’ve faced depression and heartbreak before, but it’s nothing like what I’ve been going through since January.

It was. It is. I am still in that “black area” of my life…in the midst of a dark storm where I cannot see the road ahead

Put it simply: I am in a time of severe need and severe adjustment. I’m going to come right out and say it: with my mother around I was “safe” I lacked nothing. I had a stable environment, I had a roof over my head, food in my stomach…and overall insurance (or was it stability?)

However all that is gone. It’s had its long season, and the season is now over. Now I am in a state where, even though I know God is looking out for me, I’m beginning to see that it could all go away, even further than it has in a blink of an eye. I’ve lost a certain companionship I felt would last forever, I lost my best friend, and yes, I’ve lost a rock that I had for a good many years.

It’s made me rely of God for my survival even more strongly than I’ve ever had before. It’s made the gospel, along with the words of the entire Bible come to life. If I have ever doubted my faith before, and I have, many, many times, these hard times have solidified my faith.

Of course, for many of us, losing a parent may be hard, and for still others, losing a parent may not be that hard at all. But even though we lose a parent…we have an everlasting Father that is looking out for us and will steer our ship in the worst of storms, in the most disabling times of our lives.

When our earthly parents finally finish doing their jobs, when it’s their time to go home, God steps in and takes over the wheel.

It’s a rough ride. Many people like Mercedez Benz because of the nice ride. But God’s favorite ride is an old 4×4 truck. Because He likes the bumpy rides with the big wheels.

I think that Christians have had God figured out all wrong for a long time now. I know it’s a learning process, but God’s blessing us doesn’t always mean…it never has meant, blessing us in good ways. Yes, God gives us many things because He loves us: Husbands, Wives, children, grandshipments, food, housing, etc. But the bible says that God knows we need all these things.

But the true blessing of God is in the breaking, the smashing of the things that we once held dear. God has, and will supernaturally replace all these things with His presence alone.  He has, and will once again build us up from nothing.

He is the God of promise.
He is the God of restoration.
He is the God of my Salvation.
He is a mighty God!

It’s not easy, and it never will be, but God will get us through the hard times. It’s a guarantee!

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