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Are You a Freaked Out Christian?

Christian Living, Encouragement | Posted by Eddy Damas
Jul 30 2015


If there is one thing I will take from the world and apply it to my Christian life…actually any Christian that it’s not always a doom and gloom future that we face. So many Christians are actually either looking forward to, or actually fearing the appearance of the anti-christ. Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but I am not one of those Christians. And there is a simple reason:

As a Christian I have nothing to fear that comes or is coming from the anti-Christ. ¬†Since the Lord first called me, before I was even born again.. I’ve meant my fair share of people working for the anti-Christ.¬† Evil people who will do anything to steer you wrong, or hurt you, etc. ¬†I’ve had experiences coming from subtle demonic forces that have nothing to do with people at all. Yes, I was freaked out by them, but they never made me denounce my faith in Jesus. In fact, I believe that such testing comes from God Himself. To both weaken us, and strengthen us.

And that’s exactly why I don’t fear the news of Doom and Gloom. What goes on in the world…the prophesied earthquakes, the government takeovers, the ¬†FEMA camps, wars, etc.

And no, I don’t fear any “chip.” I don’t fear The Mark.

Unlike many Christians, who are prepared, or preparing to “Bug Out” I find myself in the unique position of not having the capabilities, or the finances to do so. Nor do I see a way that we can actually escape persecution..just as non-believers can’t escape the coming wrath of God.

So I don’t see any reason to fear what is coming, nor concerns. Of course, that doesn’t mean that if something drastic happens (like God splitting the heavens) that I won’t fear. I think that most of us including the weak and strongest Christian among us would. I just don’t fear what man is capable of doing, nor do I fear what man will do. Now I don’t know if, during any possible physical/mental torture I would actually be praising God. But I do know that I would be calling out to Him. By the way, for any uninformed Christian…Jesus does say that some, not all, will be put in prison, but only for ten days. Who knows what happens after ten days? Persecution doesn’t always mean we will be put to death. Perhaps we will be stripped of something dear to us: a limb, maybe a memory, or even our faith, but it will not be for eternity.

Man can only get away with evil for so long. Even satan has eternally limited powers. If the anti-christ/satan were to actually torture a Christian, there is actually a limited amount of damage he can do before God takes over.

The finishing point is that we shouldn’t be freaked out by the current, or future events that man/anti-christ has in store for us. But we should be freaked out by what and who is waiting for us at the end of these events. He is worth being freaked out over!

Revelation 21:8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

A Whole Bit of The Half & Half Gospel?

Christian Living, Discouragement, Encouragement | Posted by Eddy Damas
Jul 29 2015

I don’t exactly know where our country took a left turn. Many Christians will, and do, blame the President. But the President is just one man running a nation that, for the most part has abandoned whatever Christian roots it ever had.

But the President isn’t in charge of what’s going on within the walls of the church. The President really doesn’t care.¬†Jesus should be¬†the only¬†one¬†who is in charge, but¬†now it seems that the only ones in charge are the worldly Christians. And what’s going on is a far cry from the Great Awakenings of the past. There is no longer a call to Holiness and repentance that is so widespread that it catches fire.

Many pastors it seems, have taken a laid back approach to their sermons. It’s more of an encouragement. Granted encouragement is always needed, especially for the Bible believing Christian in today’s world. But we can’t preach a laid back approach to sin. We can’t be soft to sin. Jesus, John, Jeremiah…none of the Biblical fathers were soft on sin. If you were caught in sin you had a choice: get out of sin quick!

Now as a Christian I am well aware of God’s enduring grace. And that’s important. It’s God’s grace that sets the Christian on fire, wanting to absolutely soak in God’s loving presence. It’s also God’s grace that is the overall theme in the Evangelicals life. It’s what drives us. or should, to seek the lost.

But the evangelistical Christian Spirit has for the most part been quenched. We no longer have Christians preaching on what really saves us: repentance from sin.

Both John and Jesus, when they came on the scene preached repentance of sin and a turning to God. Unfortunately it’s gotten to the point that we only preach the turning to God part.

Are we preaching half a truth, or half a lie?

A half and half gospel isn’t going to do anything. It’s not going to save souls, and it’s not going to guarantee that we get anyone¬†to heaven.

By now, everybody knows that Jesus loves them: the fornicators does, the adulterers do, the gay person does, even the mother of all liar does.

In fact, were it not for the gospel of love, no true Christian would remain with Christ.

But the gospel of love is half of the story. The fact is that we are all guilty, or were guilty, of stripping and tearing Jesus down. We are all guilty of still nailing Him to the cross with our sins.

The other half of the story…conviction of sin, and the resulting repentance, is far too important to overlook.

Anyone who continues in willing sin is a total stranger to God.

I know all about sin. I know that even after I confessed Jesus as Lord and Savior, I still had sin in me. Even the Bible points out that “If a man says he has no sin he is a liar.”

But with God’s help, and an understand that sin separates us from God, we can overcome sin, we can get back into fellowship with Christ. But we cannot, and we must not, have one foot in the world, and one in heaven. We must not be divided on the issue of sin. As Christians we are called into the fellowship of Christ, we are called to the banqueting table, to buy gold refined in fire.

To continue in sin after knowing the truth is death.

Hell is Forever and Ever

Hell is Forever and Ever

A Dream about War, and Victory!

Christian Living, Encouragement | Posted by Eddy Damas
Jul 01 2015

I do not advocate a physical war with gun, swords, or any other weapon. I do not advocate physical violence. I do advocate a war where Christians shun off what they themselves may fear, and what others may think. As the enemies of God come together en mass, I believe that Christians need to  come together in unity of the Spirit of the Lord, and start using their voices as the greatest and possibly last witness the world has ever seen.

I had¬†the following¬†dream about 10 years ago that may encourage Christians in light of today’s battle.

In the dream I was a spectator floating above the earth.¬† My eyes were focused on a small part of the United States. It was like looking down from an airplane at night flying over a well populated city with many lights. These lights were actually individual Christians. ¬†The Christians were the “lights of the nation.”

The lights, which I could see clearly, were covered with a transparent glass-like armor. Each Christian were equipped with a flaming sword. While it was very bright with all the Christians very close to each other, there were a few dark spots on the ground.

Slowly, but steadily there appeared a very big black spot on the ground. I was taken to another view point that had me facing a mountain appearing out of the ground. This mountain was located just under the Great Lakes areas…around Illinois. The mountain developed a volcano like crater, which started spewing forth what appeared to be oil, but on closer inspection was a mass of human- sized beetles, or roaches.

The roaches continued to spew out of the earth, attacking and devouring everything in their path.  As the demons started attacking the lights, it was apparent that the lights had great strength, many of the demons fell, but the mountain still was letting out the blackness.

Soon the blackness of mountain seemed to be overpowering the lights, as many of the lights started to flicker steadily. I could see that although still strong, the lights were losing strength. Even more black spots started to appear sporadically across the nation. However, these were not the oil of new demons coming forth, but of the lifeless bodies of Christians who had either been killed, or overcome by carelessness, letting down their guards.

The beetles/oil/demons had now covered much of the United States. There were only a handful of lights now, enough to cover perhaps a small city or town. They were now centralized and appeared to be covering each other’s backs. Their strength was great. So much so that they were able to hold the demons back and not lose any more of their numbers. Still, the demons kept coming, though not as great as before.

Soon the mountain started running out of oil. while there was only a steady stream, it was thinning out. By this time the lights had their armor cracked…they were tired, battled and bruised and greatly shaken, but still standing. It was now early morning, just before sunrise. Everything was deadly quiet, compared to the previous sound of war: steel against steel.

The lights were standing still. When out of the horizon the sun rose, filling the darkness with light. All of a sudden there was a great shout of Victory with all the voices going off at once. The souls of the soldiers of lights were victorious, the darkness had been defeated.

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