Posted by Eddy Damas
Jun 17 2015

Deepening sadness as I lay in the dark
I’ve failed to preach the gospel no saved souls in sight
I’ve cursed and berated my fellow brothers
Yes, I’ve despised them
I’m not alright
There is love to be shown in a world without light
But angry Christians still put up a fight
Over a man dressed like a woman..
Oh what a fright!
Yet even the rich and famous need a godly light
It’s true when a Christian shuts up
The world itself is pulled away from the light
We need to stand up, stand out and stand tall
Not judging the lost, but speaking the light
Too many Christians aren’t living extraordinary lives
Lives full of love and piety
Instead they fight against the issues of this world?
When all Jesus ever said was “go and seek the lost”
Many people have already chosen their own destinies
Their own wills, their own ways
We cannot help the blind who want to be blind
I am not an example of Christ

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