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Rememberance | Posted by Eddy Damas
Jan 25 2015

I stepped into your bedless room (they took yoiur hospital bed away right away), and there is an emptiness. I stepped into your walk in closet with all your clothes hanging, realizing you have a new gown of white and just broke down. I’m glad you’re not suffering. Maybe it’s selfish, but the biggest challenge I face now is a total change of life without you. Soon this house will have a complete makeover and the old things will fade. The new things will come, and perhaps my heart will break even further because I will realize that the painful stripping away has just began. You were my best friend, my confident, my mother and my guiding light. Yes, you are with the Lord now, and you have been reunited with your own father, mother, husband and granddaughter. There is, and always will be an immediate void, I will perhaps awake, as if from a dream, and you will be there. But that waking is in it’s own due time.

Georgina Maria Damas (Mom) 1942-2015



Conspiracy Theory: Cancer Shocker!

Uncategorized | Posted by Eddy Damas
Jan 10 2015

You wanna talk Conspiracy Theory? Ok, let’s talk about how the US Government is in league with the Tobacco Companies and our Doctors in this “wonderful” nation. Yeah, the Government grants the business licenses to the Tobacco companies, and the Tobacco Companies make the Cigarettes, which consumers get hooked on, causing them shortness of breath which leads to terminal lung cancer, which leads to Doctors to form the American Lung Cancer Society, which prints out the labels on the cigarette packages, which states the obvious!

Now instead of banning the sales of cigarettes, or raising the prices to the point that it would be prohibitive to even obtain them on the streets, or making them illegal, which will definately cause an uproar, the Government raises the cost of medical drugs to the point that only the richest of the richest men/women can afford them, medical drugs that only HELP, but do not CURE such diseases as Cancer.

We SHOULD stop looking for a cure for lung cancer, because the cure is right there in front of us: between our fingers and our lips. We need to BAN Cigarette Smoking, Tobacco AND even “Medical Marijuna”.

I promise you, that the day that we take a stand, that’s the day that we live happier, healthier, and more fullfilling lives. A life where maybe, perhaps, God willing, we shall see our grandchildren graduate high school, or better yet, college, or some other big deal!

Of Gluttony and Starvation

Christian Living | Posted by Eddy Damas
Jan 08 2015

I was absolutely horrified and disgusted. It made me sick to my stomach. I wanted nothing more than to vomit out the news story I had just read- to purge it from my eyes and memory. But some things, once read, cannot be unread. Let me explain, with the hope that all who read this can walk away with a new perspective…

Betsey Stephens was a helpless 22 day old baby. She had no capability to provide for herself. She had no capability to feed herself. She could in no way care for herself. She NEEDED her parents to be parents. Yet on that dark day of December 23, 2013- right before the most joyous holiday for any child- she met a most horrendous of fates. She was left unprotected from an enemy that sought her life in the most cruel of fashions. An enemy that sought to devour her, to engulf her in pain. This enemy caught her in his clutches, and she suffered for hours before succumbing to his evil plot to end her. And so it was that the sweet baby Betsey passed away at the hand of the great wickedness known as Starvation.

We have all seen how cruel Starvation is. We have seen how he makes his victims suffer. We have seen how he breaks them before taking their life. And we know that he usually comes with great poverty. This would leave us to assume that perhaps the undoing of this child was, in part, due to Starvation’s companion of the Less Fortunate. Perhaps little Betsey met her demise as her parents struggled to make ends meet. Oh, if only it were a heroic story of parents sacrificing of themselves for her sake, in hopes of her survival. But, no… There were no heroes here. There was no father willing to protect her. There was no mother wrapping loving arms around her. In fact, the hungry child died-alone.

She lay in the tormenting grip of Starvation, very much alone; all while her “parents” feasted at an endless buffet. While her stoma h screamed in empty pain, their stomachs bloated with too much food. How ironic that while she died from lack, those very minutes her parents were suffering the effects of gluttoney. And so I ask, who was more cruel- Starvation? Or the child’s parents?

The story is shocking. We would all rise up in condemnation of these parents. We would decry what they have done, our faces twisted in horror at what they have done. But another question must be asked… Should we be surprised? Look around you. We live in a society that craves love, yet the only love most seem willing to invest in is the love of self. We sacrifice daily and repeatedly for the love of self. We value not just our lives, but our wants and desires far above the needs of even those we claim to be close to. The truth is, we are more than willing to help others- unless it requires denying ourself of something we feel we deserve.

We are a selfish society. It shows in our spending. It shows in our time spent. It shows in our gluttoney. And then we are shocked when the innocent suffer as a direct result of the guilty’s self love. But why? Why are we horrified? Why are we shocked?

We must come to grips with this reality: our society is on a crash course with self destruction. We need to wake up and stop being so obsessed with ourselves. Despite what we would like to believe, the universe does not revolve around us. We are surrounded by people who are sick and dying; don’t you think it’s time to separate ourselves from the endless feeding trough buffet of selfish desires and reach out with true love? Isn’t it time to stop throwing used band-aids at wounded people and take the time to offer true and complete healing?

Let us be clear on something: we may all stand and condemn the parents of Betsey Stephens; but unless we starve our own gluttony, unless we remove the idol of self from our hearts, we are not much better…

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