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Holy Spirit Head Slap.

Christian Living | Posted by Eddy Damas
Aug 31 2014

The more I think about it the more I am getting angrier at the many Christians online who are posting that the Ice Water Bucket Challenge is evil.

The fact is, the challenge was started to raise awareness of a ALS (Lou Gehrig) very deliberating disease, and also to obtain the money to fund further research. While I do understand that some of the funds may be used for some embryonic stem cell research, that is not the main  purpose of the challenge. If I am wrong and you know a lot more than I do then please correct me, but obviously, the creator of the challenge wanted funds to be available for further research to a cure for ALS.

I believe that the problem with the Christians going up against the challenge is that the challenge itself has taken off like a firestorm. All of a sudden people everywhere are taking the challenge and bringing awareness to ALS. The Christians are upset because it seems to make a mockery out of water baptism and it’s catching fire..meaning it’s going on seemingly throughout the country. While at the same time they are aware that perhaps their own fire for an outward revival is sorely lacking. There is no mockery out of Christian principles here:  water baptism is an outward display (a public witness) of the start of a Christian’s new life/walk in Christ. There is usually no ice or ice water involved in baptism.

The IWB Challenge is partly meant as a fun way to bring attention to ALS, and with all fads will quickly fade away and be forgotten. It’s not even necessary to go through the challenge itself: simply donating your money to the cause is sufficient enough.

Water Baptism is a serious and necessary step into the Christian life. Unless you become lukewarm and stale at some point afterwards the fact is that water baptism hasn’t been forgotten over the past 2,000 years.

The IWB Challenge is a “do it and forget it” fad. It’s not going to affect you if you undergo it, no “demonic forces” are going to be involved in it, and you are not going to hell for accepting the challenge Water Baptism IS going to affect you because the Holy Spirit is going to come along soon after and give you a version of the Gibbs head slap, let’s call it the Holy Spirit Head Slap!…one that you will likely not forget.

I haven’t taken the ALS challenge myself…yet. 🙂

Beyoncè and Jay-Z

Uncategorized | Posted by Eddy Damas
Aug 18 2014

I wanted to share this witness about what goes on at a particular concert. While I agree that these two entertainers did compose a song I really like: “Crazy In Love”, I’m not a particular fan of theirs. Still, the image they portray is very frightening, especially with the attractionour children have to this kind of music and these types of performers.

Of course, I also am not too fond of using the image of the cross like this. I will often use the image of the cross in my own artwork, but nothing as disrespectful, nor worshipful like this. As Christians, we understand what the Cross means in our lives. so we worship The King, and not the cross.

It’s only Hollywood folks!!!, the same people who brought you The Beatles and Sonny And Cher…

Beyoncè and Jay-Z: The Rumor Nobody Is Talking About

Posted on August 7, 2014 by Brittaneé

“And the winner is….. Our very own Brittaneè Perkins!”

With utter shock on face, I shrill in excitement and accept my prize! I was just announced as the winner of 2 tickets to the Jay-Z and Beyoncé On the Run Tour!

But after the initial excitement wears off, reality sets in. I had just won tickets to see musicians that I publicly denounced after getting SAVED 8 months ago. (clarification: I won the tickets through an employee sweepstakes that my job held for those who participated in volunteer efforts outside of work- I did not call a radio station or go out of my way to get them).

I instantly felt convicted. I would never pay to see Beyoncé and Jay-Z on this tour (it’s raunchy and waaaaay too expensive for my blood). But would I be strong enough to take a stand for Christ even if the tickets were free? I felt like a hypocrite for even considering going.

Anyway, after much prayer, consideration, and conversation with my parents and Pastor, I decided to go. Attending a Beyoncè concert won’t send you to hell, just like attending a Kirk Franklin concert won’t get you into heaven. “It’s harmless entertainment,” I said to myself. “How bad could it be?”


August 03, 2014 Rose Bowl Stadium

From the moment Jay-Z and Beyoncé hit the stage, something felt off in my spirit. I knew I didn’t belong there, and I felt heavy and out of place. Instead of cheering and singing along to the songs I once loved, I literally began taking notes. Let me be clear: this is not some “illuminati conspiracy” post created to discuss secret occult symbols used by secular artist. I won’t even go into the deep stuff. This is much more simple- which makes it even worse. This concert had a 42 song setlist, so I also won’t attempt to cover every detail. These were my personal notes on 12 of the most blatant things that stood out to me.

1. During the shows opening song ‘Bonnie and Clyde’, they come out with a HUGE cross in the back of them. “All I need in this life of sin, is me and my girlfriend.” Actually, all you need in this life of sin is Jesus and a repentant heart! Your girlfriend can’t save you on judgment day, and I can’t believe how long it took me to realize the subtle message they are spreading with this catchy song.

2. Beyoncé is now wearing a thong and provocatively dancing for the crowd. I understand that she is an “entertainer”, but where does a wife and mother of a little girl draw the line? I was even more appalled that her husband was okay with this. Bey has the talent, she doesn’t have come out naked to sell records.


3. Jay-Z says, “I had to get off the boat so I could walk on water”. Ummm, like the miracle Jesus performed? So now you perform miracles like Jesus? Interesting.

4. Jay-Z says, “shout out all the weed smokers”, and repeatedly calls his wife and mother of his child a “bad b***h”, as she nods and sings along in agreement. A bad b***h is a dog that misbehaves, not your wife.

5. Bey starts singing “Who run the World? Girls” The bible tells us it is Satan, not girls who runs the world. John 12:31 “The time for judging this world has come, when Satan, the ruler of this world, will be cast out”. Then, I notice Bey singing a phrase, almost as if she is casting a spell. “My persuasion, can build a nation, endless power, a love you can devour, you’ll do anything for me”. I instantly think of 1 Peter 5:8 “Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.” This song set the tone for the rest of the concert, as everyone began to follow along as if they were hypnotized.


6. The “hypnosis” is immediately followed by a song in which Bey repeatedly sings “Bow Down b****es” over and over again. And please don’t try to tell me “Flawless” is a women’s empowerment anthem. In the same song she uses to convey the message that women are tearing each other down and using their looks to compete for a man’s attention, she is telling me to “bow down” to her while she opens her legs and shakes her bum in front of thousands of men. By the way, I don’t care what Beyonce says, WE ARE NOT FLAWLESS. In fact, we are the opposite and need Gods grace and mercy because we really deserve His wrath. Did I mention Beyoncé says “God Damn” 14 times?

7. Next, Jay-Z has water in the background, which gives the appearance he is walking on water. At times, the screen shows the water splitting like the Red Sea. Not surprised since he already thinks he is god. “Hova” is definitely short for Jehovah.


8. Crosses. So many crosses. Burning crosses. Crosses surrounded by fire. Big red crosses. I literally saw so many that I lost count. And these crosses are constantly being displayed while the artists sing lyrics about pride, vanity, sex, getting drunk, cheating, and self glorification.


9. It’s a rap concert, so I expected some cursing. But the cursing in this concert was crazy! I’m not talking a few darns and s*words. I’m talking 22 F*bombs and 17 Mf’*rs. Oh, let me clarify- they came from Beyoncè not Jay-Z. At times I felt I was watching Rihanna instead of Mrs. Carter. If you want to call yourself a Queen, then you need to speak like one.

10. The words “Lucifer, dawn of the Morning”, randomly blares from the speakers. Jay-Z doesn’t even perform this song. I guess they just wanted to say Lucifer to the crowd to remind us who this was all about.

11. Jay-Z performs “No Church in the Wild”, a song that boast lyrics like, “what’s a king to a god, what’s a God to a non-believer?” Jay-Z then says, “Jesus was a carpenter, Yeezus laid the beat, Hova flow the Holy Ghost get the f*** up out ya seats”. He then goes on to say, “we gotta thank god for letting us live out our dream!” Huh? You’re “thanking god” on the same track in which your chorus includes what’s a God to a non-believer? Who is the god that you are thanking?

12. Instead of “J+B”, I notice it keeps showing “J†B”. A cross is used instead of a plus sign.image7-300x178

These were just a few of the many things I noticed during the show. As a Christian, it rightfully made me feel very uncomfortable, and I would question my salvation if it didn’t. Beyoncé can do whatever she wants to- but she needs to mindful that she has boldly presented herself to the world as a Christian. Everyone is talking about how this tour sold 100 million, and how the Carters may be headed to divorce court, but breezing over the message of this tour. We have to be aware of what we are feeding our spirits, and I personally refuse to let a catchy hook and dope beat lead me to hell.

Ephesians 6:12 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

One time for the nation,


Is It Depression, or something else?

Encouragement | Posted by Eddy Damas
Aug 14 2014

Here we go again…I’ve decided to try and start writing again. I think at this stage in my “journey” it’s the best thing I can do.
I knew that going into the ring to help my mother with her cancer was going to be tough, but I never thought it would pull me away from doing the things I loved. While it’s true that my creativity has suffered for years, that’s not really unusual for an artist.

But I am not suffering from depression. I am not constantly crying and weeping, although nearing 48 years old, I should be. I’ve found out that I can’t do some of the things I could do when I was 10 years younger…like sitting on the floor. I mean, have you ever seen an elephant get up off the ground in a graceful manner?

Arthritis seems to have hit almost every bone in my body…even lying down at the end of the day seems to hurt a bit.

So my trials have been harsh, but going through trials sometimes makes you want to weep., or even throw up your hands. But even through my complaining I know these trials will soon end. Let’s just say that the devil can get into your trials and it may seem like you are the nail, and he is the hammer.
We shouldn’t blame the devil for our trials. Sure trials are a time of testing, and just as in any written test, there are some questions we can only answer with our best answer, even though our answer may miss it, but we learn to look back through our notes after the test and remember the correct answer.
In my case, I can say I still miss the answer even at 48 years old. But I constantly learn and adapt.

This leads me to use Moses as an example. Being God’s first megaphone…ok, ok, we know Aaron was God’s first megaphone… Moses was the mouth on the delivery end… Moses made ONE major mistake in his life when he spanked the crap out of the rock…but after a little talk by God, Moses became a great leader…who was generally feared by the people. People KNEW God and Moses were tight…
But since half…ok most, of the people just didn’t listen, that alone could have driven Moses to depression. He could have asked God why God put him in the leadership position. But he didn’t. Moses KNEW God’s power.
I mean, you just don’t question a power that can set a burning bush on fire do you? Oh wait..I missed that one by a mile didn’t I?

Anyways, here’s the deal steel….depression is an illness and you don’t become a Christian and stay in depression. God lifts you up from that depression. Sure you can face times in your life where you want to die….but that’s hopelessness, not depression. Depression is allowing the trials of your life overwhelm you to the point that you are not able to function. Basically depression is your mind saying “I can’t cope!” But yet God, in His infinite wisdom has given you the Holy Spirit, which helps you cope!”

Stay on that straight and narrow path friends, and don’t go wandering around. But if you do wander off…remember to look up, because your redemption is very near, even upon you!
Love ya!

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