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Like a Candle in the Darkness Night

Encouragement | Posted by Eddy Damas
May 30 2014

Many of you don’t know this, but  I love Comic Books. I know that at almost 48, or is that 49 years old, that may seem a bit weird, even abnormal, but I can’t deny the fact. While I don’t spend TONS of money on comic books these days, sometimes I find myself buying a graphic novel or two. I know the money could be used elsewhere, but I like to lose myself in some action once in a while.

Of course, being a Christian, I should absolutely lose myself in the Bible, and I still do. For one thing, I can read it over and over again and “discover” something new every time.

But I digress…One of my favorite Comic book superheroes is Green Lantern. I like him because he’s got this nifty green ring that he can basically do anything with. Kinda like one of those amazing Swiff Army Knives… or better yet an iphone/android…but MUCH MORE powerful.

Of course, the ring, just the phone, has to be recharged every so often. Even though he doesn’t have to, there is a saying that he says while charging the ring.

“In brightest day, in blackest night,

No evil shall escape my sight.

Let those who worship evil’s might

Beware my power–Green Lantern’s light!”

There’s another version that goes:

“And I shall shed my light over dark evil,

For the dark things cannot stand the light;

The light of…THE GREEN LANTERN!”


As Christians, we live in a world that is headed for darkness. Although I am usually one for optimisism: I like to focus on the light rather than the darkness, I can’t help but be overcome by the darkness at times. Especially the older I get. I just woke up the other day thinking about the things I used to be able to do, yet even at my age…I can tell the signs are there…weak knees, a hurting back, but I can still handle and do some of the things I used to do.

But the one thing I can’t do is change the world. There is no way that one man can change the world…not anymore anyways. It seems the only way to make a difference today is by teamwork. You know how it goes. One man in history once proclaimed:

” I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” MLK

The important thing today is that character is what defines a person. And most of the characters today are as worse as it gets.

We need to understand that it’s no longer about the color of a person’s skin. It doesn’t matter if you are black, white, red, yellow, or even green. What matters is what is in your heart.

Thinking about Martin Luther Kings Speech, I will say that I’ve carelessly said somethings that didn’t show equality in front of people I shouldn’t have. A slip of the lip? Definately. Today I am more into personalization…getting to know a person despite their color. I figured that’s what Jesus would do.

But I am aware of one thing: a few people are definately not happy when racism is an issue. Some tend to fly off the broomstick without realizing that the racist remark was said without intention. Actually, it doesn’t have to be even a racist mark. It can be just about anything. But that’s the way people are.

I know that racism still exists today in various forms. You don’t have to be a person of color to be the target of racism.

I’d like to think, to believe that Martin Luther King’s dream has come true today. We all share in the resources this world has to offer. We all have dreams that we are pursuing, or can pursue. But some dreams are harder to become reality…it seems the rich keep getting richer while the poor are grabbing at straws. Our nations deby ceiling, it seems, is climbing higher and higher. While the economic revival is slowly making a comeback, it’s going to take a couple of more years of hard work from those that we trust to lead our country. But it also means that all of us will have to work harder to bring this country back to revival.

And that’s where the Christian needs to stand out. It’s not about preaching the Gospel anymore as much as it’s about putting our hand to the plow. We can’t looks back anymore. We must look forward. The past is gone. We can’t do anything about yesterday, but we can do something about tomorrow by having and giving hope where it’s so desperately needed.

We must be a candle, if not the candle, in this dark night.

I welcome your thoughts. Always.

Priorities (A must read!)

Encouragement | Posted by Eddy Damas
May 14 2014

I like the way Scott thinks! You will too…it’s a guarantee!


10 hours ago by in Action Not Words, Featured Articles Tagged: , , ,

Too often in life our will to succeed and our desire to do well gets in the way of the truly important things in life.

Sure, your career, job and personal accomplishments are important your health and happiness. Despite that, your loved ones – family, friends – are truly the glue that hold you together in this life. That leads me to my question: are you truly at peace with your priorities?

Many times we chase that career, chase the money and success without thinking about the impacts it has on other parts of our lives. Sure, you’re successful but are you as happy as you were when the focus was your new spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or baby? Careers, jobs and money do not define the total happy life.

Sometimes happiness and what’s best for your long-term happiness means you make tradeoffs. You might move to a new city, take a lower paying job, or just change without any knowledge of how it will work out. It’s a leap of faith. Despite that, you need to put that happiness and those relationships ahead of all else.

Life is precious and it goes by fast. Don’t regret anything or anyone you may have lost. Put them ahead of those earthly signs of success and solve for happiness.

Follow the link (Priorities) and read more of what Scott thinks!

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