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Useless Sucking

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Feb 04 2014

Beautiful BrokennessIt sucks being totally useless.

In the moment that God asks us to “stand still and know that He is!” There comes a realization that yes, He is in total control, and there is nothing we can do. Strength is of no use, even prayer, which availath much for the righteous, is of little consequence.

When we pray…we pray that not our will, but God’s will be done.  Unfortunately God’s will, and even His reasoning…are so far out from our own, that many times we find out that we don’t like what God’s will, or even His reasoning is…

Along the same line: when we are faced with something bigger than who we are, which can even appear bigger than even God (Is there anything bigger than God?) we can usually find ourselves totally useless to even attain comprehension of who God is…because we know that  we don’t have any power to change what is.

I’d like to believe sometimes that faith in God is at an all time high in our world today, because faith alone can move mountains.  And to a certain degree faith is always at an all time high. But it’s not the faith that we think it is. The faith is totally and positively our belief that God has the answer, the touch, and the willingness to provide everything we need and desire.

But if God did that…if God provided us with the same things that He provided the disciples with, then nothing would be impossible for us. It would make God pretty useless to us other than the fact that He alone would be able to give us the power to heal, to perform miracles. These are, by nature, the faces of God that we fail to see.

Brokenness comes from God, but so does healing.  Uselessness comes from God, but so does the opposite. Falling comes from God, but so does being lifted up.

My point is that we can be totally powerless when it comes to the situations in our lives. We may not have the power to do miracles, to heal, to be active where we think we need to be active. But God is not just standing by, watching us. God is useful when we are useless.

We just have to see things through God’s eyes, and not ours.

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