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God is on the Move, but He is still There!

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Jan 29 2014


Even though I feel like I’m just standing still I know that God is on the move.

Of course, I don’t know what He is doing. But even though my faith, along with my nerves has been shaken recently, I know that God is still active in my life.

I don’t know what His plans for me are…other than to prosper me, and give me a beautiful horizon as far  as the eye can see. And though my eyes are weak, and my head is not looking up these days, I know that He is with me. He is preparing quite a table in my honor. But it doesn’t have to be a great feast. I don’t need Him to fill my belly, or to make me drunk with wine. I only need Him to sit at the banqueting table with me. I need Him to walk beside me.

I’m troubled by both the things I see and the things I don’t see. I am perplexed about the future my future. I’m buffeted by my own insecurities. But I need to learn how not to worry about tomorrow today.

The news these days is horrific. There are still school shootings, and automobile accidents. Careless drivers, and vengeful hearts. While in my solitude I don’t fear such things, I do tend to have a certain fear of the unknown.

Yes, God is testing me. God does that with all His children. And my learning to trust God is the point of the testing, the refining: the fire that He often puts us through is only to make us stronger when it comes to trusting Him. I know there was a forth man in the fire, and I only hope and pray (knowing) that there is a second man in the fire with me. But the wonderful thing about God dealing His hand with me is that the fire may seem hot right now, but I know that it can get hotter. But God is there, and He will not give me anything more than I can handle.

My life is in His hands, but I am still somewhat shaken.  That’s good. That’s God letting me know that His promise of never leaving, nor forsaking me still stands.

God of Love, God of Justice

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Jan 05 2014

My Brother-in-Christ Tony Wise wrote the following. Spot on Tony!

For a God to be a God of LOVE, God also must be a God of perfect justice. We can see in our natural world that we all crave justice but we all know our justice system is corrupt. There are laws in our natural world because without laws you have chaos because the human heart is evil. So without laws man could just do whatever he/she wants to do without any accountability whatsoever.

Why would we think its any different in the spiritual world? God is Holy and perfect. He is a good God, a righteous God, a perfect God because God is light there is no darkness in Him. God in his perfect holiness gave us the law. Man was sinful before the law was given but the law brought out how sinful our human heart really is according to God’s Holy Standards that we all will be judged by. The whole point of the law was to bring sin out of its dirty hiding place to show how sinful the heart really is and also to show how HOLY God really is.

We can’t keep the law perfectly. No one can. The law is used as a school master to point us to THE Savior of the World Jesus Christ who is the only one out the history of mankind to keep the law perfectly that was sinless perfection. We NEED a Savior. Jesus is the only answer to our sinful heart condition before a Holy God. Without the Grace of God found through Jesus Christ you have to stand before a Holy God and stand on your own righteousness. Well none are righteous. None are perfect but God and  Christ Jesus. So standing before a Holy God on your own righteousness is not gonna work out to good for ya.

We’re all sinners. We all have broken God’s laws and if we were to add up all the sin we have committed in our lifetime according to God’s Holy Standards that we will be judged by NOT the worlds standards then we will probably fill up a library of sin against God we have commited against Him. We NEED Jesus Christ to free us from the power of sin so that we can be in relationship with God the way it was meant to be. Not by keeping a bunch of rules, but by the transformation of the Gospel that leads us to a lifestyle of repentance and holiness because we are in right relationship with God and Jesus Christ.

God is a righteous judge. He will always judge righteously. For God to be a God of Love by that very attribute of God He has to also be a God of justice because you can’t have a God of Love that is also unjust and unholy that is corruptible like man. God has to be HOLY and Righteous to be a God of Love.

What do you think? Does Tony speak about the true character of God? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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