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Duck Call

Encouragement, judging | Posted by Eddy Damas
Dec 23 2013

I want to chime in on the whole Duck Dynasty issue.

While I don’t watch the show, and actually don’t plan on watching the show, I have to say that we do need more men like Phil Robertson. Not racially driven men, but men who won’t back down to the demands of Christians everywhere to “give humanity a pat on the hand” concerning sin.

I think that the anger of most people is that Phil mentions the homosexuals.

But of course he does! After all, homosexuality is mentioned as one of the sins of the Bible. And mentioning Homosexuality as a sin isn’t a form of bigotry.

The story apparently makes a sharp left hand turn though, and all the homosexuals are trying to turn it into a racial issue…a black racial issue. But according to Phil’s comments, he got along with the black people.

Let’s face the facts: homosexuality isn’t viewed upon as being God’s happiness. And this is what Phil is saying all along. Evangelical, fire breathing, Born-Again Christians know that Homosexuality is frowned upon by God.

I have noting else to add to Phil’s statement, because it’s not Phil speaking, but God who is speaking through Phil.

Could be that God is about to open one of the many seals and things are going to start shaking soon. I don’t know, but the controversy is nothing new. Christians have been preaching against homosexuality for decades now. So hearing a preacher talking about homosexuality on Television, instead of “God bless you, now give me your money” is a refreshing sign that there is hope for America yet.

Whatever we are called to preach, we should obey God, and not man. After all, in the end, we answer to only God.


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