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Cardboard Pizza Gospel

Encouragement | Posted by Eddy Damas
Nov 14 2013

Have you ever had Cardboard Pizza?flatbread pizza

No, it’s not a new national chain. Allow me to explain: there are numerous companies out there who profess to be pizza makers who attempt to put their frozen pizzas in a cardboard box or worse yet: shrink wrap and a round, thick bottom cardboard piece and sell it to you. I am talking about the kind of pre-packaged pizza they sell at the major food chains like Walmart, Krogers, Albertsons, Trader Joe’s, etc.

I had some the other day: a brand that is supposedly one of the top brands in the business. I opened up the box, stuck that baby into the oven, and 15-20 minutes later out comes a “delicious” vegetable/mushroom pizza. I emphasize “delicious.” Because, as we all know…the pictures on the cardboard box, as the pictures on the Cable TV ads, they all make these pizzas look so good! And despite being relatively flat…I mean flat as in “We ran an offroad truck tire over this mutiple times” flat. It was rather tasty.

Well imediately after dividing and conquering the four pizza pieces I noticed there was a rather bumpy, if not aprupt,bowel movement…the kind of which I am sure not even the legendary King Kong has ever experienced. With just seconds to spare, I made it to the throne and proceeded to do my business. Now normally, my business on the throne is rather nasty smelling, again refering to King Kong, but this time adding King Kong eats at Taco Bell…but this time it was really not so smelly….this time what came out had a wet cardboard texture.

And so it’s because of Cardboard Pizza, that the major Pizza food chains (Pizza Hut, Dominoes, Papa Johns, etc), have won my undying loyalty and business.

As Christians, we often find ourselves confronted many times by a Cardboard Gospel. It’s a widely instigated, always duplicated, false gospel of a false Christ. It’s a gospel that looks good on the outside, but is relatively flat on the inside. In fact, it’s relatively tasteless.

The worship is there, but it’s pointless. The compassion is there, but it’s aimless. The love is there, but it’s often closed up in a box.

Listen, I am a Christian, I’ve been through it all. I’ve taken a bite out of that Cardboard Gospel, and it sucks! Compared to the real thing: the pure, unadulterated, living, breathing Original Gospel of Jesus Christ, it’s simply not worth the trip down the frozen food isle. I want the Pizza Hut, Dominoes, Papa John deal. If I call on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I want the best home delivery in under 20 minutes, and I want it hot, and I want it now!

Anything else is….well kinda like wet cardboard left outside after the rain.

On Agressiveness

Uncategorized | Posted by Eddy Damas
Nov 05 2013

aaVisciousAggressive, argumentative, and even obstinate have become synonyms with “Christian” in our society, and we haven’t done much to help our cause. Unfortunately, many people see Christians this way and a lot of times we Christians act this way toward one another.  Clearly, this is a fault of Christians whom are not only on the public media, but also in the publics eyes.

Let me state the obvious: NONE of us who claim to be true Christians (or true followers of God) should be arguing with one another in the public’s eye. This brings nothing but a mixed view of what Christianity is all about. It all ends up with what we have witnessed: one Christian accusing the other of not being a Christian at all in front of the eyes of the World. The very fact that we do this turns people who would normally come into the Kingdom completely off to the gospel. I don’t blame them. Falling for this trap from the devil himself is not increasing the kingdom of heaven, as Jesus said we should be.

Too often we forget that sitting across the table from us is a real person who has real needs and real questions, and that they are looking to us for answers. If we simply do not have the wisdom to give them an answer, then we should simply pray for, and with them. There is a time and a place for arguing, but have we forgotten that there is also a time and a place for sitting still and listening to what others have to say?

Many people who are not Christian visit Christian churches, and get involved within Christian fellowship, so it’s important that we go out of our way to show them how different the church is from the outside world. Imagine what a outsider who is already involved with backstabbing, hatred, anger, etc, comes into a church setting, where the fellowship is already displaying the same. They would fit right in, wouldn’t they?

Jesus spoke to the disciples about this very thing: He asked them “Why do you argue among yourselves? To see who is the greatest one of you? But let the greatest among you be the least”

If there is one thing that Jesus shows us about arguing among each other is that in the end the truth always comes out, and that truth is somehow always reflected back at the source. Sometimes that truth is hard to bear. But, that truth will set you free!

If the truth in us, if the reflection we see in the mirror is Jesus, then why do we argue the truth with others? Shouldn’t they see Jesus in us? If we say we love the world, yet hate our brother, isn’t that a broken reflection of Jesus?

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