It’s Almost Over!

Fair warning: Political thoughts ahead!

The political race is almost over! In 20 days the rants between the presidential candidates will be a thing of history.


I’m not one for politics at all. The possible lies and all the harsh words really make a Christian stand out from the rest of the world. Or does it? This season especially I’ve actually seen Christians go in with the rest of the world. Choosing sides…either of which can be caught lying or poking bitterness at the other. Social media, especially has been overrun with political trappings with Twitter seemingly the forerunner to all the hype.  …thank God I’ve managed to stay off the media sites by a very large degree.

Still, my long standing questions: If Christians are called, by Christ, to unite, then why are we divided in area that is NOT Christian friendly.

Frankly, this is where I am actually angry with the Political chasing Christians…not steaming angry…but more as a “shaking my head” angry. This is nonsense to prefer one candidate over the other, especially given all the “proof”… Yes indeed: it’s one thing that Politicals love to do: dig up the worst on their enemies…digging up the raw dead man’s bones when Jesus clearly instructs us to let the dead bury the dead!

All of politics (both sides) carry lies…some very small lies, and some very big ones. Yes, all the lies are exposed of course…but then Christians jump on board and they support the lies…

So what do we do? We support the lesser of the two evils.

Unfortunately it’s a cycle that we have repeated for a good long while. I am sure there are Christians out there who pray to the Lord for a godly leadership for the nation. But God still instructs us not to chase after men. Men are godless if they do not show a Christ-like attitude towards their fellow men…whoever that may be.

What I’ve noticed during this season is that even more few Christians are preaching the Word of God. They have stuck to the canvas and trenches of the politics of the time. Always dedicated to spreading who says what…who does what. Basically they have become little more than gossipers.

In the end, it really doesn’t matter who is running our nation. The truth shall be revealed. Repentance is required when injustice is done.. Let’s just remember that we have ONE Lord, One God, and we are accountable only to Him!

We have a small open window (or door) of repentance…let’s use it! It’s almost over and we will be going home to a righteous and enduring government!

God is at it 24/7…Is Evil Laughing at You?

Just a short post for today:

As you can tell by now, I am on a Halloween kick this season. Yes. I am on a roll, so let’s let it roll….

Ok, so if you are a Christian, and you have been one for a while now, then answer me these two questions:

Does God ever take a vacation?
Does evil ever rest?

Now I know you know the answers, because the answer to both questions are


God took his day of rest on the 7th day after creation. But ever since then He’s been very active. Based on the level of God’s interaction with His creation, you would be hard pressed to believe that God rests. Frankly, there’s too much for God to do! He’s busy correcting His children, leading them, guiding them, even punishing them at times.

God is at it 24/7 man! He doesn’t have time to waste.

You know as Christians we spend so much time downing the 2 hour or so events of October 31st/Halloween that we sometimes forget that October 31st is a creation of God. We take all that is evil about the world (witches, demons. goblins, and ghosts hauntings) and roll it up into a nice little package that last for less than 2/24ths of a single day!

Are we forgetting that evil doesn’t rest? Why are we actively pursuing a witch hunt on just a single day?

Just a short thought for today.



No doubt about it: clowns are scary! For some reason encountering a clown at a lone street corner under a street lamp at night, or even in an abandoned back alley during the day is something that a sane person doesn’t want happening to them.

I like circus clowns…. you remember the kind right? The ones that would come pouring out of the mini car inside of the circus ring. The ones that you would typically see only at the circus.

But clowns have gotten a bad rap lately. It’s not that they have committed anything that is not clown like…but come on…there’s something not funny about a clown carrying a machete around with them. Especially not in your neighborhood!

I remember watching the movie Killer Klowns from Out of Space. That’s when the creepy nest of clowns fell on me. Today whenever a clown is around I tend to watch them…more like stare at them…like a hawk does it’s dinner. If that clown makes any sudden moves, or even changes it’s facial features even slightly, or even if there is a maniacal laugh surrounding him/her/it…I tend to run…very fast.

Most young children tend not to like clowns at all…they start crying when a clown is around. I am not sure if this is a built-in reaction.

I can’t imagine God liking today’s clowns at all. Especially the ones that have no makeup, and yet their inwards are just pure evil, up to no good. This is a good reason to watch people…because not everyone you meet is going to turn out OK! Sooner or later they all disappear into their tents and come up with their makeup on.

Sometimes however, we may find a type of clown in a crowd…you know the type: the one that hides their true feelings with a smile instead of showing it with a frown. The kind that makes you feel better about yourself by encouraging you, even though they themselves are at the bottom of the totem pole, or deep in despair.

So maybe, just maybe a freakin’ clown isn’t such a bad omen at all!

I’d still watch where their hands are going though….

God still honors a fool when he delivers the Word of God no matter what he chooses to wear.

Another Reason Not to Fight It

Yesterday I posted about Halloween. I went into detail on how Halloween is the modern day equivalent of acknowledging Hollywood’s presence in our culture…a far cry from what the original pagan rituals were all about.

In today’s post I’d like to present other reasons not to fight Halloween. Besides the fact that we spend a whole heck of a lot of money on Halloween, there is a common theme that is not so evil about the eve. That theme has to do with sharing.

Think about it if you will..behind all the costumes, all the spooky lawn and porch decorations, and all the frightful scenes of this “pagan” holiday lies the joy of going door to door and picking up sweets from your friendly neighborgood spider man…

Ok…ok, that’s creepy. But most people do end up having parties for the kids where they (and their parents) can munch on food, and have otherwise good company that they wouldn’t have at other times of the year.

Basically a Christian could provide fellowship and service behind all the ghosts and cobwebs that can get in the way….without resorting to casting spells or sacrificing their children.

I mean, how many times have you avoided a black cat, or have one cross your path?

After all, we can be apart of the world while being a part of the world.

Men’s Eve

I know most Christians don’t celebrate Halloween because of the witchcraft which it was supposedly associated with. I personally don’t believe that today’s Halloween has any resemblance to the Hallow’s Eve that many celebrated decades ago.

Why would I hold to my belief(s)? It’s simply a matter of time. Except for God of course: nothing today is the same as it was before we were born, or even afterwards. For instance: Gas is nowhere near 10 cents a gallon. Pompadours and poodle skirts are highly not in fashion, and there is a greater evil that is present every single day, not just on one evening out of the year.

Think about it if you will: the legend we have become so afraid of has it’s origins not in the past ‎early 20th Century…but actually much, much fact Paganism has been around almost later than the old black and white TVs that our grandparents had. You know the ones: the TV’s that were around before cable. Modern day paganism could even have started earlier: say around the radio age.

The only problem is that we weren’t there…so none of us know what exactly pagans did to paganize something…or anything.

Let me give you an example: for many of us, Frankenstein was probably among the first monsters that we were introduced to in our youth. We probably first encountered it in a cheap movie theater back in the 50s. Yet the story itself of Frankenstein actually started back in 1818-1820. Of course, later on it made it’s debut as a stage play in 1826. while Universal’s Studio’s Frankenstein starring Boris Karloff debuted in 1931.

You can already discern where I am going with this. Halloween is now all about Special FX and  movies. Something that happened waaaay after the Paganism that most if not all Christians are familiar with today.

Now many Christians will disagree with me on my next point, due to everything they have been taught from some less than credible sources: but I’ve watched The Harry Potter movies and have actually enjoyed them. Yes, they are filled with perhaps man-made (Hollowood) signs of paganism: witches hats, spells, and monsters. The character Voldemort in fact looks suspiciously like Count Orlok.

All of this Halloweenish…is nothing but made up stories of man that has been passed down to us through the media. In fact, today it’s based on commercialism and not on paganism at all.

Yes, it’s very true that the Bible tells us to abstain from every form of evil. (1 Thessalonians 5:22). But I object to the fact taking in a horror/monster movie is a form of evil. I also object to the fact that putting on a piece of cloth, or rubber/latex/makeup is a form of evil. If these things are truly evil, then women wearing makeup are exactly like evil clowns (as if there were any other kind)

Evil only comes from within a person. Pharaoh was an ordinary looking man. Hitler was an ordinary man. Beyoncé is more or less an ordinary looking woman. Obama is an ordinary looking man. Most likely if we were caught face to face with each individual today we would just see a man…not a monster. But each of these people has presented evil to the masses in their own unique way.

Now if we were to take October 31st, and actually use it as a night to sacrifice children, scare someone to death, worship the moon, or satan himself, then that would naturally be a sin. But when was the last time that you even meant, or saw satan in the flesh…enough so that you could mimic the devils appearance? After all, satan was one of God’s beautiful angels, wasn’t he? (Biblically in order to worship something, or someone it would take a lot more than dressing up as that something/someone else.)

I’ll say this contrary to enjoying Halloween: One of the things I don’t like about the celebration is the adult parties at the dance clubs…there’s way too much drunkenness, lewdness, and even sometimes barely there clothing. But such parties are only good for one or two years, after which you tend to mature away from such. That kind of atmosphere is…ghostly.

Speaking of ghosts….I find nothing to fear from a person who covers themselves in a white bedsheet. Except what would happen to them if they didn’t have holes in the sheets where their eyes could be. Ghosts can’t touch you, nor possess you. They certainly can’t kill you either! They may be able to talk to you, as was the case with Saul and the ghost…but when was the last time you heard a ghost speak?


But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.


Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.
One problem with emphasizing the appearance of evil is that it can make us slaves to the perceptions of others. There will always be someone who thinks that something you are doing is wrong, or that it looks wrong to him. So, rather than spending our time getting to know God and serving Him, we worry about the possibility that someone, somewhere, might misconstrue our actions. In the same letter that he wrote about avoiding evil, Paul wrote, “Just as we have been approved by God to be entrusted with the gospel, so we speak, not to please man, but to please God who tests our hearts” (1 Thessalonians 2:4). Our goal is to live righteously before God, not to comply with others’ arbitrary standards of conduct.” (

I’d like to hear your thoughts.

Bad Moon Rising, or just another Black Moon?

The skies of the Western Hemisphere are set for a “black Moon” on Friday night. Fortunately, you can put away the tin foil hats and stop repenting your sins. Despite some of the headlines, it doesn’t mean the second coming of a messiah or an ensuing apocalypse.

It does, however, mean a rare astronomical event that only happens roughly every 32 months.

A black Moon is the name given to the second new Moon in a calendar month. A new Moon is the first phase of the 29.53-day lunar cycle as the Moon orbits Earth. At this phase of the cycle, the Moon is invisible to the naked eye as its illuminated side faces away from Earth and towards the Sun, meaning it’s shrouded in darkness (and thus hard to see).

The black Moon will officially take place on Friday 30 September at 8.11pm EST (5.11pm PST) in the Western Hemisphere. For those in the Eastern Hemisphere (Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australasia) on the other side of the globe, the black Moon will arrive just in time for Halloween on October 30, or October 31 for the eastern-most regions.

As a side note, a blue Moon is when a full Moon occurs twice in a calendar month, according to the newer “non-traditional” definition. It doesn’t literally mean the Moon is blue. As NASA explains, “Squeezing a second full Moon into a calendar month doesn’t change its color.”

Simply, a black Moon just means the Moon appears almost invisible in the sky for the second time in a calendar month. It’s perhaps not the most dramatic of astronomical oddities, but at least it means there’s no apocalypse and you can keep your weekend plans.

Recall what I said in my opening paragraph? Christians shouldn’t be alarmed at the black moon at all, despite the fact that so many “pagan rituals” are performed because of it….nor because it just so happens to fall on Halloween. There will be nothing happening on Halloween other than the streets flooded with children seeking to fill their bags with candy.

A dark/black moon is a totally natural occurence that is dictated and initiated by the Creator of the Universe!

Besides, a maniac in a hockey mask only haunts the wooded areas.

And Christians aren’t supposed to be superstitious.

Old Friends

My heart was aching as I entered the room. At first I did not recognize her. I thought I had entered the wrong room. But as the nurse gently woke her, her face turned towards me and I gazed upon my old friend. Time and circumstances had separated us, and yet here we were face to face once again. Truthfully I was expecting to see my old friend, the knockout Spanish brunette. But her hair had turned to the age of almost pure wisdom. Never mind…it was well deserved. We talked about how everything hits us when we hit the age of 50. She talked about her circumstances. All I could do was assure her that everything was going to be alright I assured her that I would always definitely be there for her. Even though I knew that she had other people to take care of her.

We grew up together even born in the same house. She on the top floor, and me on the bottom or was it the other way around? We thought…WOW 50 years! We made a deal to stay in touch. Who wouldn’t anyways? We live miles apart, but we are in the same town. I told her that I would always be there for her, come rain or shine. Afterwards I thought out loud: “Who am I to kid? I can’t even take care of myself at times!” She told me…we will find a way!

It’s funny. It’s also strange how God manifests His word, His love in our lives. I kept thinking about Adam and Eve, and how God made Adam a helpmate: “This is now bone of my bones…” I always thought that applied to married couples only. The way many pastors preach about it, it certainly sounds like it does. But then I thought: Marriage is first based on a friendship, then a deep relationship anyways. Whether people are married or not, God will always make sure we have a helpmate. After all, a man is never complete without a woman, and a woman is never complete without a man.

There goes the woman’s liberation movement!

I keed. I keed.

He is The Way, He is the Truth, and He is the Life!

And only He is!

Only Jesus could have fulfilled what needed to be fulfilled.

Only because no one else, at the time, had that face to face, Son to Father, Savior to Lord connection.

And no one else has had it since!

It’s because of Him that we have a clear path to heaven. Yes, the path is narrow, and if we stand on our end of the path it seems it only gets narrower.

This is why so many people give up. They hate the narrow way. It’s not very flexible, and there are not that many choices. It’s either black, or it is white!

This is why the Christian sets their heart on the path of righteousness. The world offers way too many choices, way too many forks in the road. There are doctrines out there that boggle the mind, and allows the mind to make up scenery that is not true.

Jesus was a simple man, with a simple message:
“Drop your nets, which you drag through the waters of life, picking up things that you would rather not desire. Leave them and follow me!”

Leave your troubles and worries at the foot of the cross. You don’t need them there.

All you need is Jesus! He is the Way, The Truth, and The Life!

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Please Stop The Killing! (My Stance on Abortion)

stop_the_killingLet me just say that I am not a political person. I do believe that abortion is severely wrong, and the women who go through with them just ain’t right in the head. Yes, to most people in the end it’s a quick, easy, and convenient.

But abortion is actually a response to being overly foolish. I understand that there are some extreme cases: like perhaps being sexually raped. You just can’t imagine that you would give birth to a baby in a situation like that.

But that’s not the real reason for having an abortion these days. The real reason is having sex without wanting a baby. Or having unprotected sex because it feels so much better.

For many women, and I can imagine couples, having a baby is a huge inconvenience. There’s just not enough time to take care of a baby with the daily demands of the job, or life itself.

So why even have sex in the first place? Or better yet, why not just snip it off, or close it down? After all, you know there is really not going to be a miracle baby born if you don’t have the “tools, bolts, and nuts.”

I’m well aware of the abortion statistics…and it’s sad. To me, and I hope I am not judging…that means that out of the 954,000 abortions taking place in 2014, 0 people had any brains to think that there are perhaps better alternatives…

like going through with the pregnancy and planning on giving up the baby for adoption.

Or perhaps dropping off the unwanted newborn infant to the nearest hospital.

This also leads me to think that people are getting really lazy! (No surprise there.)

For God’s sakes…there are mothers who deliberately either drown their babies in the toilet, or worse, dispose of them in the trash cans.

Really America??? Really?!!!!

That’s just plain sick! You don’t need an abortion clinic…you need a Psych Ward and a nice white leather jacket…with straps!

That’s my stance in a nutshell!

Abortion…it’s a choice. Abortion kills millions of lives daily. We need to stop killing precious lives. Both mothers and babies suffer.
Mothers suffer emotionally, mentally and physically.

If you know someone who is considering abortion.. please have them consider giving their baby up for adoption. Adoption is a blessing to many couples who cannot have children.



Perfect Imperfections/Birthing Pains

What a case for hypocritical misguidance!.

'I won't dignify that statement with a response.'

‘I won’t dignify that statement with a response.’

We are taught, by Christ, to “be perfect!” I know in our rather young lives we have been anything but. Our whole lives are filled with mistakes. Stupid on-purpose mistakes, mistakes done in a moment of anger, mistakes of missed opportunities…family, friends.

It seems the list just keeps being added unto.

I believe the truth is that if we didn’t make any mistakes that we wouldn’t be in the here and now.

I’ve failed Christ in so many ways. I’m not alone. There have been times I should have spoken up, and even times when I should have shut it up. In every instance of those times, at least as a consequence of those times, I’ve walked away feeling very small.

There are things, or subjects that just do not interest me. Either because they never have, or I have lost the desire for them.

We aren’t meant to go with the flow for very long. We have my moments. Yes, as Christians we should be well aware that we should be instant in and out of season. But seasons do change, and there is always a season of renewal, maybe rebirth, and maybe even quiet times. But what do you do when your spirit is quiet in a season that it’s not supposed to be? What do you do when you only want peace in the middle of the fiercest of storms? I’m reminded of Jesus being asleep in the middle of the wicked ocean.

The truth is that sometimes you can’t rush the seasons. We don’t have access to a Flux-Capacitor Delorean. Our seasons are meant for us to grow, or to rest. The important thing is that while we are in a busy season, we stay busy. There is always a season for planting, for watering, and there is a season for growing. And it can be a sudden growth, or a painfully slow birth.

Just ask a mother who is travailing in birth…a baby being born sure seems like time slowing waaaay doooown!!!!!!

My weaknesses in the midst of people is being quiet and listening, and perhaps observing. I rarely talk. I’ve learned this through trial and error, because when I open my mouth, a tamed tongue is usually not in it. Yes, usually I open my mouth and something that people do not want to hear comes out. This causes me to lose my witness. I hate it, but as someone pointed out, that’s when the devil comes out. So it’s come down to the simple truth, we have a LOT to learn no matter how old we are!

Besides, I’ve learned that we can talk a lot…and in the end we say nothing at all.

But we have lessons to learn. One of those is that the strongest of lessons comes after a sudden, drastic lost. We either believe that we did everything right, or the opposite: we wonder where we went wrong.

I’m sure that Peter had one of those moments, in fact he had many. Jesus rebuked him at least two times, as well as rebuked the other disciples. Think about it: it wasn’t just about Peter. It was a testimony to the faith and perseverance of the other disciples as well. Yes, the disciples might well have been the Lord’s guinea pigs.
Hold on there…remember that guinea pigs are small, have hair, and are relatively cute…not like their abominable large cousins.

Though we never learn how strongly the Lord rebuked His disciples. It might have been in pure gentleness and full of love, considering that those disciples whom He did rebuke end up dying for, and in the Lord.

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends John 15:13

The Bible says that the Lord rebukes us out of love. Hebrews 12:6. But let me tell you, sometimes that rebuke holds fast for a couple of days, and actually makes you think because it stings like a scorpion. That’s a harsh lesson, and normally I would think that it would hurt. For example, a parent chastising their teenage child who’s done wrong. But that chastising sure keeps them out of jail!

So we are taught to be perfect by chastising, and chastising, even though it is a rather brief affair, can feel like forever. But we need it in order to stay out of trouble, and far away from it.