Windows of a Soul that is Closed!

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Nov 06 2017

Young women with cell phone cameras really don’t have a clue, do they? I see so many self-photos that could have turned out really well that just fail because they either forget to look either straight at the camera which is always ON THE TOP of your phone or straight into the mirror which is directly IN FRONT of you!. Instead, the girls that make them look like they are asleep. The ideal self-portrait calls for looking straight ahead AT YOUR SUBJECT!

Here’s a clue: the first contact is ALWAYS in the eyes, which are the windows to the soul, not your body language.

Otherwise, this is only an effect of a worldly view that is basically saying “It’s all about me!” or “Look at me!”

It’s my view that any girl/woman that cries out “Look at me!!!!” or “All eyez on me!” are either into self-centeredness, or they are really not approachable by others, which is totally understood in an era where Facebook/Twitter has totally taken over human communication.

If that is the case, a cell phone portrait only amplifies that self-centeredness.

Of course, there’s the exposure factor too. In other words, Social Media is not about your inner circle of friends (Who, if you have a clue, will take your photo for you, doing away with the “I’m sleeping while I take my own photo” dilemma). Instead, you are inviting other people who tend to give you helpful tips, which are taken as direct insults and causes them to be blocked by you.

In the meantime, you are still not looking at the camera lens, but are still looking at all the comments that people tend to make, and not realizing that they are not trying to be offensive or cruel.

This is only a direct observation, and not me judging you.

Pull Up Your Darn Pants!

Christian Living, judging, Sin | Posted by Eddy Damas
Nov 03 2017

I’m not responsible for the contents of this post. Actually an old friend of mine is. But it sounds like she has a good point. Some of this is edited for Christians. I hope she doesn’t mind!


For more than a decade I’ve had to turn away and conceal my dislike and annoyance at what some may call a “fashion trend” where trousers are worn below the butt crack!

Well, I’ve kept my opinions and my remarks to myself in the hopes that “this too shall pass.” I can no longer keep my mouth shut, nor do I feel I should: For the second time this month I’ve had to shop along with men (term used loosely) while they tooled around the GROCERY STORE with their hands shoved down the front of their pants, anchoring support by clutching their private parts in an attempt to keep their britches up!

Now mind you–post playing “pocket pool”–the “prokaryotes” proceed to fondle the produce, meat products, dairy products, potato chips or whatever. I am totally disgusted and today I went off. After the “offender” lowered his britches to where I could see the complete outline of his family jewels in his faded, worn underwear as he cupped them with his filthy hands, I did for all those who still hope for a return of decency a favor: I told him to take his hands out of his pants.

With disbelief he looked around and then asked, “Are you talking to me?”
“Yes, I’m talking to you,” I responded.
Still not sure if I was addressing him he asked, “What did you say?”
I repeated, “Take your “$$%^$@” hands out of you pants!”
He said, “That’s none of your business!”
To which I replied, “Oh but it is! I’m tired of looking at your nakedness. It’s offensive and I’m tired of seeing it!”
Of course, everyone was looking down at their phones, at magazines–or wherever–and no one said a word.
Well, at the advice of a friend, I’m taking my environment back!! I will no longer be silent.

Just in case you didn’t hear me the first time:


There is a reason for closed doors and clothes, and modesty. If we have any desire to fondle ourselves in the public square, then it would be best to either not be seen in the public’s eyes. Also if you dare have your hands down your pants, fondling your family jewels, then that means that the public would be better off wearing surgical (or non-surgical) rubber gloves. Truly, if there is something wrong with your privates that you need to fondle them in public, I would be the first one to refer you to a specialist. Preferably a Psychologist!

Oh, and by the way…if I catch you even looking at my daughter (or even my wife) when you are fondling yourself, you won’t have to worry about whatever’s going on down there…or a doctor’s referral for that matter.




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Oct 22 2017



Wherever you are in life, God is waiting for you.
He is there ready to stretch out his hands to lift you up,
To cover you with his wings to protect you

If God parted the Red Seas
if He stopped the day from turning into night.
If God healed on the Sabbath,
If He brought a man back to life

If God confronted His enemies
And the enemies of His people
If God brings the rain on both the just and the unjust
If God made a donkey to speak

If God brought forth the prisoners unto freedom
And set the many captives free
God is waiting for you, He is there ready

If God speaks to you quietly
In the middle of an angry storm
If God presents you in front of your enemies
Who wish to harm you
He is there

There’s nothing that God cannot do
Remember He has done it all!
Time and time again
God is your Creator
God is your strength
God is your peace
God is your Champion
God is your Victory!

If God is for you
Who or what can possibly stand against you?

My Apologies

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Oct 16 2017

I noticed that there were a couple of Comments on Annual Notices of Changes. Due to a problem with a malfunctioning comment system, which has been dealt with (I hope), I lost all your comments. I really hated that.

Last Night in Las Vegas

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Oct 16 2017

I originally wrote this the night after the attack, but for some reason it didn’t get published!

No, I am not leaving Las Vegas. I wish I were. But many have already heard about the tragic loss of 58 lives (I’m sure the number will rise) along with the many who have been physically and most likely mentally hurt. Thankfully no one in my family, or closest friends were hurt.

I always thought that an act of terrorism here would be the equivalent of a nuclear blast, perhaps a bomb in a resort full to capacity. Actually after I thought that, I reasoned that Las Vegas would be a prime spot for international terrorists to meet at and possibly plan their attacks on the rest of the country.

But as it turned out, our night of terror consisted of a local man, with plans of mass destruction.

Last night also reminded me of one thing: Many Christians, including the traveling evangelists, label Las Vegas as Sin City, Sodom and Gomorrah. While tent revivals go on in other parts of the country, Las Vegas is shunned because of it’s affiliation with a lot of sin: gambling, prostitution, drugs…

If there was ever a town who needed an evangelistic movement, it would be Las Vegas, Nevada!

Yet God sent two angels to save one lone man and his family, because the man found favor in God’s eyes. That tells me something: God will allow evil to exist for a while, but there are enough Godly men and women, children too, in Las Vegas so that God won’t be lead to destroy this city. If this city is destroyed, it will be only by way of man’s hand, not God’s hands!

Sadly, the old saying “What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas” is altogether true. Except for last night. Perhaps last night was an open door for evangelists to travel to a city that needs it the most.

Yes, it rained fire down on Las Vegas last night. Lives were lost, and people were seriously wounded. But Las Vegas still stands!

So God is still not done with Las Vegas, but God has definitely started that’s for sure!


Annual Notice of Changes

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Oct 14 2017

I don’t sleep the normal hours that everyone does. I guess my internal clock is set differently. I suppose you could call me a night owl. 

Last night, or early this morning I had an interesting dream where I am on this incredible cross country journey that involves a greyhound bus, biplane and cars. Now normally I actually hate traveling on either buses or planes…the constriction in movement for all those hours, and sitting so close to a total stranger makes me feel really uncomfortable.

Anyways in the dream I was performing a lot of action stunts…envision maybe Jackie Chan or some other action actor hopping from car to bus, to plance, etc. The journey’s end target destination is Florida. If only for the reasoning because Jacksonville’s airport is located near my Christian sister, whom I haven’t seen in years. 

Along the way I somehow lose my cel phone which has my ticket and everything else, but everyone I meet along the way either help me or give me hope etc…
I wake up and I am just lying in bed thinking about the dream then I start thinking about my sister. I start to pray like I’ve never prayed before and I am asking God, begging Him to set the captives free. Not just her, but every man, woman and child that is in an abusive situation.
Through my tears I asked God “When Oh Lord! When will you move your mighty hands to move for Your Children? And against the wicked?”. And as I look up I see this sign:

We are hoping and praying for some mighty changes to come forth. 

Please do me a favor, and pray for her. She’s in a terrible situation. And also keep in prayer other women, children, and yes even men that are in the same situation. Spousal/Relationship abuse no matter if it’s physical or mental is not something that’s easy to live with.

I’m reminded of Exodus 9:1 Then the LORD said to Moses, “Go to Pharaoh and say to him, ‘This is what the LORD, the God of the Hebrews, says: “Let my people go, so that they may worship me.”

Long Distance Relations

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Sep 17 2017


There’s something lacking, or even wanting about long distance relationships. I should know. I have been in one for about a decade or two now. The friendship started out locally, and I was in 7th heaven. Even though I couldn’t believe it, actually refused to believe it, I knew it was the first and last, solid relationship I would ever be in. How did I know? Because from the very beginning I cried every time I laid my eyes on her. It was, and is, a journey of ups and downs, misunderstandings, and growth. So it has run almost the full spectrum of emotions. 

However it quickly unraveled. They say that time moves so fast while you are having fun. And within just a short while I saw my heart, if not my life, being torn away from me. My love moved away from me, to the other side of the world. Actually she moved from the west to the east coast. But it did, and does, feel like the other side of the world. 

Imagine a loving mother, being suddenly torn away from it’s newborn child. She’s so full of anguished that something that had been growing inside of her the past nine months has suddenly been taken from her. There is a sense of sudden emptiness, fear and shock. I mean, “How could this happen to me?!” More so…”Why did this happen it me?!” Yeah…the emotions run high, the insanity is over the roof. There is a mental breakdown that leaves you gasping for air. Over the next couple of days, weeks, or even months it would seem like you are slowly dying inside. You walk around mostly like a zombie, without feelings, without substance. 

You know there is no replacement for what you have lost. Sure, you have your faith…in the back of your mind, there is a voice screaming that you’ll find something better, something that will cover your heart…but that idea quickly vanishes into the mist, because you know it’s a lie. You know that what you have lost will never be again. 

And that changes you. It stops you from allowing anybody, or anything back in. You end up putting up walls. Of course, the wall is not complete. You realize that you left out a small cornerstone. But that cornerstone turns out to be the weakest point in the whole system. Yeah, that cornerstone can still fit it. It can be fashioned and created to fit perfectly into your walls. It’s a strong one though, and unknown to you at the moment, it serves a dual purpose: it can either keep the walls up, or bring them crashing down around you. 

Walls are meant to keep things out, or keep them in. Most of the time, they accomplish both. But walls can be overcome. You can either always scale them, or bust through them. Yes, they are hard walls, they are high, and you take forever to walk around them. But they aren’t ever meant to be impossible. 

Distance, however, is a totally different thing. Yeah, sometimes it seems like you can love from afar. But you are only going to fool yourself eventually. One or two miles is nothing. Even 200 miles is nothing. You can still manage to do something within that distance. But anything over that and you find that while your heart is still effective, it just starts beating less and less.

The only thing that keeps it going is a word, but that word needs to be a constant thing. It doesn’t need to be repeatable, but it does need to link to a chain that is constantly being pulled on, pulling you closer and closer. The only thing is that you each might pull with all your strength on opposite ends, and yet due to the distance of the chain, you cannot tell if you are making a difference. 

Words of love can never actually grow silent. But due to the distance between two souls, they can often be left unheard.

End of Days and the Walking Dead

Christian Living | Posted by Eddy Damas
Sep 13 2017

I’m totally blown away by dates….never followed them at all. When I was in the cult system they were under the impression that their days were numbered…meaning any moment now. They basically closed their doors to any outsiders, and just waited it out. The days came and went…and nothing happened.

I’m sorry to throw a wrench into the theological end days systematic outlook, but I fully believe that each of us has his/her own end day. The “rapture” happens every single day, hundreds if not thousands perhaps meet Jesus “in the sky” every day.  

These same people, these Christians, have been through trials and tribulations. We know this because the Bible tells us that every Christian will go through them. It’s simply a fact that not all of us will go through the same exact trials and tribulations. Although I must admit, the trials are always of faith, and the tribulations are always ongoing and consistent.

Death happens every day and night, it knows no boundaries.

Yes, there are even the walking dead among us. Their lives have turned meaningless and they truly have no souls. Why? I don’t know…perhaps a lack of faith, or a denial of God’s existence. 

Just my thoughts today.

Please keep praying for the Hurricane Survivors in the East Coast, and always remember if you are nearby and able, everyone of those souls needs a light of hope!

Is My Generation Cursed?

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Jun 18 2017

Christians do not have demons inside of them. Sin does not produce a legal right for demons. We do not have to break demonic assignments over us, because there are none! A Christian is not under a generational curse. Witchcraft against a Christian is completely ineffective when the Christian is stable in relationship with God Almighty.

I know there are a lot of Christians that pray to God that all assignments over them, and either generational or otherwise curses, be cancelled. But this, to me, sounds like an ineffective prayer. If we live underneath the mighty covering wings of the Almighty God then we are covered! If we walk in God’s shadows, we are hidden. No curse, no witchcraft can touch us at all. 

Our enemies, some who may be witches, may try to send us some kind of harm. They may try to trap us in dangerous situations. But when we realize that while the enemy intends on doing us harm, God will always turn it around for good.


There are various stories in the Bible that illustrate this. The story of Moses against Pharaoh, Joseph and the country wide famine, and at the severe end of it, we have Elisha…who was mocked and scorned for having a bald head.

If we ever face evil, and demonic opposing forces, let’s remember that not a hair on our head will be harmed. God has it all under control 24/7. The only that will happen is that the Christian will come out of it strengthened and praising God! 

As we grow and walk in our faith, it will be very hard for the devil to touch us. 

Fear no darkness my friends!

Just some thoughts….

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Jun 15 2017

I find it odd that so many people who claim to not believe in God, or Jesus have not even read the Bible.
They have only read just parts of it..

Further, they adhere to the satanic motto of ‘do what thou will’ but claim they don’t believe in satan either. These people say that sins like abortion, homosexuality, and disbelief are good, all the while claiming that 
depopulation, and open boarders are also good.

Basically these people people sum it up: anything goes. Do whatever you want. There are apparently no morals. They seem bent on somehow calling it ‘progression.’

These people do not fear God…of course they don’t know God at all. Their “god” is science except when it’s not convenient to do so, like when even science proves them wrong. They believe order came from chaos. They believe there is no spirit, no soul… no afterlife. Just nothing. Is it any wonder they all levitate towards death and depression, drugs and risky living?

I heard someone say we were trying to go back to the forties. Now I’m thinking…that’s right before everything started, when we began sliding on the morals: sound marriages, stable families, stable country… so yes..that might be a good time to go back to!

I was thinking about abortion and homosexuality. Both of which reduce or eliminate future generations. I also heard today that ‘republicans’ or conservatives will all die out in no time.. Something that tragically was put to the test today.

I also read that Christianity is dying out.

But I disagree. I do believe that this generation, the generation of death will die out…with their abortions and homosexuality. They’re the ones killing their babies and their future.

Born Again Christians don’t believe in either and they have an understanding of the whole ‘be fruitful and multiple’ concept so they would actually have lots of kids and increase in the land. Those that can’t for whatever reason keep their lives pure, and don’t go around having unlawful, in-godly sex. They realize, sooner or later, that God has called them to a pure life.

It’s a sad fact that we have been walking towards, and are now bent on the act of extinction of all sacred life. Truly, the love of this generation has waxed cold.

I just thank God every day that there is a small remnant…it’s out there…who are fearing God like never before. They may not be huddled all together somewhere in a small church somewhere, but they are united through the Spirit of love and the truth!

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